Raise action basis body symptom chooses the world of cate of _ of nourishing to wintry day dish

Raise action basis body symptom chooses nourishing to wintry day course

2012-02-07 14:27:32

Raise action basis body symptom chooses nourishing to wintry day course

Be afraid of cold it is in the winter in most the thing of anguish letting a person. Actually, be afraid of cold basically deficiency of yang is caused. Additional, the person of deficiency of yang still can have lumbar knee cold painful, limb icy, pee frequent, defecate is rare reach the symptom such as impotent premature ejaculation. Winter is deficiency of yang person take the optimal time that fill.

Optimal dish: Leek. Leek the Yang Cao since the name, flavour pleasant, sex is lukewarm, can fill kidney helps this world, wenzhong is appetizing, fall go against gas, medicinal powder silt. Leek is used fry feed or do stuffing very appropriate.

"Raise action basis body symptom chooses nourishing to wintry day course

According to the body each symptom chooses nourishing to wintry day course

Optimal fruit: Walnut. Walnut flavour pleasant, sex is lukewarm, can fill kidney helps this world, lung of filling lung collect, embellish bowel is aperient. It contains the part such as rich fatty acid, protein, calcic, phosphor, iron. Unripe feed, fried dish, boil congee, do Shang Dou pretty good.

Optimal flesh: Hotpot. Hotpot is optimum winter edible. It has rich protein and adipose, can be absorbed by human body well. It has the effect of very good lukewarm vulcanize this world, cold to common cold cough, abdomen empty of painful, body is afraid of genu of cold, waist aching and limp, disease hind or postpartum body empty are deficient etc have cure and benefiting effect. Additional dog meat, columbine flesh pretty good also.

Optimal drink: Medlar black tea. The person can drink cold-blooded of deficiency of yang appropriately some of black tea, and do not drink green tea, because green tea has clear heat,fall igneous effect. If want to increase ” filling this world ” the effect, medlar, red jujube can be joined to wait in black tea.

Recommend dietotherapy: Leek fries walnutmeat. Reach walnutmeat blast first brown, rejoin leek, salt, break up fry to ripe, have filling kidney to help positive effect.

"Raise action basis body symptom chooses nourishing to wintry day course

Poached eggs of big jujube of anaemic brown sugar

Complexion is cadaverous, often insomnia of lightheaded, heart-throb… these crowds that mean you to belong to deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it. The person of deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it,

According to the body each symptom chooses nourishing to wintry day course

Optimal dish: Black agaric. Black agaric can raise blood to be stationed in colour, skin making a person is ruddy. Besides agaric, the greenery vegetable such as celery, cole also wants to eat more appropriately.

Optimal fruit: Red jujube. Red jujube has body of take a tonic to build up health, raise blood to calm the nerves wait for effect. Use the decoct water, boiling water that boil, boil congee to wait very good.

Optimal flesh: Duck blood. Contain iron of rich element of animal sex blood red, and special interest is absorbed at human body. In addition, pig blood and animal liver very good also.

Optimal drink: Tea of brown sugar jujube. Will red jujube and black tea are put into boiler, join clear water and red candy to arrive red jujube is ripe soft can. This tea can be helped effectively enrich the blood, able-bodied taste.

Abstain appetite of darling of condiments of go with rice to open _ cate the world greatly

Abstain appetite of darling of condiments of go with rice is big

2017-03-31 10:37:51

The character of fleshy sauce and taste are OK according to darling him circumstance of each phase is adjusted; The collocation that feed capable person also is met richer diversification, nutrition is more balanced. Use steaky pork and Xianggu mushroom collocation today, the result of filling iron, filling calcium is very strong, taste is good to can make darling instant appetite big leave!

Sauce of meat of Xianggu mushroom flavour

Referenced age:

The darling of 18 months above

Feed material preparation:

Onion 30 grams, steaky pork 200 grams, the Xianggu mushroom after bubble is sent is right amount, soy, chopped green onion is right amount, corn is amylaceous 5 grams


Step1. Xianggu mushroom immerses sufficient hind go the base of a fruit, cut broken end again.

Step2. Take a few onion, mincing place aside stand-by; Steaky pork flay, cut small, place aside stand-by.

Step3. Pork is put complementary feed in machine, do not add water agitate.

Step4. Agitate adds right amount water into slimy hind, agitate comes loose a bit, when lest break up into boiler,be being fried, agglomerate.

Step5. Boiler opens medium baking temperature since, need not be cheered.

Step6. The meat is added after hot pot rotten, break up fry even, fry a grease, about 3 minutes or so.

Step7. Fleshy Mei Cheng goes out stand-by, onion and chopped green onion are joined inside boiler, break up fry a fragrance.

Step8. Rejoin Xianggu mushroom breaks and fleshy foam, break up fry even hind join darling soy, fry the water that full amount adds after divide evenly 2 times, small fire is boiled to feed capable person soft sodden.

Step9. When been boil quickly, with 5 grams starch is mixed 50 milliliter clear water mixes, mix is even.

Step10. Fall into boiler, turn conflagration is boiled to receive dry moisture.

Step11. Fleshy sauce can use the noodles served with soy sauce, face that boil, mix meal, mix congee is very pretty good.

Pregnant mammy and fetal darling most the world of food _ cate that love

Pregnant mammy and fetal darling most the food that like

2016-11-14 14:59:32

Bosom pregnancy allows mom to love those who abound to eat nutrition, have the food of advantage to fetal development, during be pregnant, also a lot of food can help pregnant mom solve slander already, nutrition is rich, and darling of deep still be impregnated likes, we look together below, fetal darling loves what food most!

1, almond: In pan a little stew, sweet fragile and contain a lot ofprotein

2, apricot works: Was full of vitamin A, bring healthy skin, eye and skeleton for you

3, yoghurt of bead of sweet fragile fruit + cornmeal: Contain a lot ofrich calcium qualitative, protein and cellulose

4, the small cookie that cornmeal makes: Carbohydrate is particular sweet smell, can complement energy

5, the fried dough twist that cornmeal makes coils: Delicate, with snacks eat a law to increase cellulose

6, half banana coils whole wheat bread: Potassium adds protein to be equal to the super snacks of a nutrition

7, completely ripe white coddle: What can obtain at any time is protein

8, yangtao: Perfect vitamin C origin

9, grape and tomato: Installing the small bomb of vitamin C

10, fresh cherry: Sweet gift, contain vitamin C

11, blue perhaps berry does La Mei: Have delicate vitamin C while, yield your times feeling surprise

12, mango piece: Rich vitamin A, the cell that conduces to fetal darling grows

13, muskmelon piece deserve to go up lime: A of rich prosperity vitamin and C give you sober sense

14, cabbage coils: Vitamin A and C are super much food, be a vegan love most

15, ” vegetable soya bean ” or ” sweet beans ” : Saline edible is scattered after thoroughlying cook refrigeration, contain A of protein, vitamin, iron and calcium

16, celery club dips in in entering yoghurt: With a kind goluptious method samples this kind grows long brunet greenery

17, vegetable sop: In obtain delicate while included all sorts of vegetables and fruits

18, cake of low adipose pumpkin: Goluptious food contains a vitamin to reach mineral

19, vegetables and fruits includes turkey piece: Fragile low protein was contained a lot ofin clear sense

20, the goluptious egg roll that coarse food grain makes: Add a syrup of a black to be able to complement iron

21, the potato that bake asperses on pure yoghurt: Potato skin contains rich iron

22, bake those who come out is sweet potato chips: One kind more healthy than common potato chips, more nutrient choice

23, apple piece match cheese piece: It is draft fruit not only, and it is the very good route that acquires cellulose and calcium

Confinement abstain from eating meal actually also the world of cate of can nourishing _

Confinement abstain from eating meal actually also can nourishing

2015-07-28 15:22:25

Guide language: Must carnivorous kind does nourishing action reach since ability? To postpartum mammy, absorb too much carnivorous bad instead, so postpartum food slants element also is a right choice. Small make up recommend a few maigre recipe to puerperas.

Traditional idea thinks all along postpartum should eat the nourishing food such as cruelly oppress more, ability helps new mammy healthy milk is sufficient. The mammy that this kind of notion eats the meat to loving people for it is really too make a heart. Actually, confinement in childbirth is differ want big fish big meat surely, eat the meat occasionally overmuch, can bring bad influence to mammy instead. Do you know? Confined abstain from eating meal, not only OK and nourishing fitness, still can prevent mammy postpartum and fat oh!

Confined abstain from eating meal stresses principle of 4 filling bodies

Principle one: Strengthen protein to absorb, include animal protein and vegetable protein among them.

After this kind of food is digested by human body, can become the amino acid of young member, can make postpartum cut fast cicatrization. Additional, amino acid still can stimulate cerebral part secrete to give the chemical substance of hearten of a few mood letting a person, eat protein more in confinement so, still can reduce the happening of postpartum melancholia effectively.

Those who contain a lot ofprotein is maigre: Legume, black agaric, Xianggu mushroom, on the west orchid, laver, oaten, buckwheat.

Principle 2: Strengthen vitamin B absorb.

Vitamin B group the energy that can promote the body metabolizes, still have a help to heighten neurological action and the effect that enhance haemal circulation, restore to have very big profit to postpartum organ function.

Those who contain a lot ofvitamin B is maigre: Legume, unpolished rice, tomato, orange, banana, grape, pear, walnut.

Principle 3: Right amount absorb fiber to pledge, of stimulative defecate smooth.

Postpartum because lack motion, often cause defecate difficulty, it is very important that so fiber absorbs to new mammy character character. Discharging poisonous aperient respect, without what comparing vegetable fruit is more natural and effective.

Those who contain a lot offiber to pledge is maigre: Dish of apple, carrot, celery, brake, cauliflower, spinach, pumpkin, Chinese cabbage, cole.

Principle 4: Filling iron adds animal spirit.

The mammy in producing a course is exsanguine and overmuch, so must great filling iron, eat a few food that can enrich the blood more at the same time, the cheek that helps new mammy restores ruddy redness of skin. Food of respecting filling iron, besides the flesh kind outside food, very much vegetable fruit also contains rich iron.

Rich ferreous is maigre: Black agaric, sesame seed, oatmeal, soya bean, kelp.

Darling nutrition is due the world of cate of _ of food of 15 kinds of above

Darling nutrition is due food of 15 kinds of above

2012-02-07 13:41:22

Yo the expert says, add to little baby complementary feeding is not a simple work.

1 year old of little baby of the left and right sides digest a function to still be not perfected, enter spring since, a lot of parents give inquiry of this edition incoming letter how to give darling to add complementary the problem of health of the nutrition that feed ability, for this, the reporter interviewed Guangdong to save Chen Yunbin of dean of courtyard of health care of women and children. Introduce according to Dean Chen, add to little baby actually complementary feeding is not a job that looks so simple.

Food of 15 kinds of above makes sure nutrition is balanced

The food of diversification is the dietary foundation of human body health, and infant period the special period that establishs taste to suit to food of different and phyletic olfactory just about. Accordingly, expert of each country nutrition suggests, in this one period, should provide the food of 15 kinds of above to darling, can let darling absorb balanced nutrition already so, can be education darling again in the future healthy dietary habit lays next good foundations, prevent phenomenon of the partial eclipse after darling is grown, anorexia.

Accordingly, while good food is used to education darling, mom also should notice the nutrition of darling is tie-in, need to eat staple food, vegetable, meat to darling everyday (include a fish) , the fruit, in order to make sure darling nutrition is balanced.

Delicacy extracts fruit juice may not to suit darling

Introduce according to Dean Chen, fruit juice contains a lot ofvitamin C, can complement already moisture, can enhance immune power again, rich vitamin C still can help the absorption of iron, reduce anaemic happening, the proposal often gives baby drinkable. But what the parent needs to notice is: Suit darling without disinfecting the delicacy of processing to extract fruit juice may not, especially the darling with lunar lesser age, edible may cause diarrhoea without alexipharmic food. Because this suggests,the parent chooses professional manufacturer science to darling recipe, to product of darling appropriative juice.

Add complementary feed have tricks of the trade

“Some darling to what add complementary feed have defy psychology, add to darling actually complementary feed still have a lot of small tricks of the trade ” , dean Chen says, the first time try some to plant complementary the parent when feeding taste should have patience, try new food to want to hold to 10 ~ 15 times; Pleasant have dinner atmosphere can be promotional the appetite of darling, should feed when choice darling is pleasurable feed, the dish type that renovates at the same time, colourful darling tableware also can promotional its eat interest.

Autumn skin beauty is white, 5 food eat come out _ cate the world

Autumn skin beauty is white, 5 food eat come out

2017-09-07 17:27:02

Alleged one white block 100 ugly, the woman hopes her face is white fair and snow-white, if growing all sorts of full of stains or spots points, color of skin is sallow dark black, no matter you wear much more beautiful dress, do much more beautiful hair style, whole looks very won’t beautiful! So how do you know to seek the issue that the summer suntans? Follow below small make up look together.

Season of change garments according to the season, how to save the splash that summerly insolation gives?

Above all, not urgent.

Bask in the splash that go out, not be one day is formed, desalt or dispel also needs a course, also need the most quickly 28 days, a complete physiology is periodic. In this cycle, the skin as hormonal periodic secrete and finish splash loose, excrete, desalt, rehabilitate such process.

Next, sleep more!

Morpheus is sufficient, ability makes sure the skin is in enough repair process, otherwise, the skin wants place oneself morely to wait for an environment at sunshine, air conditioning, pollution in. Additional, enough sleep also is the body each organ is collective the process of rehabilitate, after all the one part that face is environment of body big function only.

Additional, in the process of the rehabilitate that bask in spot, do not be eager to skin tasting. After all, the memory that the skin is familiar with protect skin to taste generation and gets used to a process to need 21 days at least is periodic, change often protect skin to taste let the skin always be in angst condition, perhaps complement at a draught a variety of protecting skin is tasted also let the skin be in the condition that can’ts bear heavy burden, these go against the skin better repair.

What does spot of beautiful white dispel eat

Film of face of almond coffee albumen

Coffee pink two spoon, almond pink 4 spoon, egg, use the egg filter depart leaves albumen to reserve, almond mud and coffee pink, albumen even mix can. Get on the face film spread that has made in stain. Wash clean after ten minutes. Skin of embellish of this face film is divided knit, slack skin stretchs tight closely, desalt shading, let skin Bai Xi shines beautiful.

Lemonade adds vitaminic C

Will citric section is put into airtight container, join Wen Shui to make sunken lemon piece, cover good container, static after waiting for 5 minutes. Mix vitaminic C to take, can promote nephritic loop, can reduce the odds of shading, stain happening, have partial beauty’s white effect. Drinkable drink, it is no matter those who buy still is self-restrained, after suggesting iced is too cool drinkable, had better be use Wen Shui, warm stomach discharges poison again.

Assorted fruit raises colour a thick soup

Material: Apple, banana, pear, yangtao, amylaceous, white sugar (honey)

The method that make: above all fruits are cleaned clean, cut Ding Zhuang to reserve; Add right amount water in boiler next, water quantity should be enclothed on the fruit, pour all fruit man into water next, after opening big baked wheaten cake, turn into slow fire to continue to boil, wait for a fruit to be boiled after rotting, join right amount white sugar or honey, drench again the water of mix up is amylaceous, the agitate side Bian Lin; Burn boiler of of people of talent again can edible.

Effect: Clear heat is alexipharmic, weak spot beauty is white

Yam medlar raises colour congee

Material: Rice, medlar, yam, honey (white sugar)

The method that make: Above all rice abluent left and right sides of a hour immerses in turning on the water, fish out drop does moisture to reserve; Yam flay cuts Cheng Xiaoding shape is stand-by; Medlar leaves with lukewarm bleb; Right amount cold water is added inside boiler, the rice that before using, gets ready, medlar, yam enters boiler inside, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn into small fire infusion; Boil after rotting can edible, honey or white sugar are joined to flavor when edible.

Effect: Raise Yan Bu blood, prevent fleck

Egg of medlar fermented glutinous rice

Cook 200 grams fermented glutinous rice first, next ordinal join agitate of 5 grams medlar, right amount rock candy, 50 grams even quail egg fluid, final conflagration is boiled can. Pass food to recuperate, also can decrease weak spot effectively, it is dispel stain even, these food are added in together hind, can promote nutrient component more absorb, the expression after female edible more moist is moving and the result that still achieved dispel spot.

Finally, still can combine massage means dispel spot, undertake in spot place with big toe abdomen circle turns drawing, exert oneself to do sth. gentleness alleviates, minutely 50-60 is encircled second, will local already diffusing pigment diffuses to wider range, be helpful for be being absorbed quickly.

The turnip has a way this kind unexpectedly can thin in January the world of cate of 10 jins of _

The turnip has a way this kind unexpectedly can thin in January 10 jins

2017-04-01 14:39:33

Carrot is everybody again common the stuff that does not pass. If you want to reduce weight, eat carrot to also can come true easily opportunely. Have a way with respect to what teach everybody a few kinds of carrot today, want you to illuminate only make a month thin 10 jins are a breeze then.

Contain red turnip element and vitamin B1, B2, C, D, E, K and folic acid, calcium to wait for ten kinds of nutriment with food fiber character, make human body absorbs nutrition more comprehensive.

Contained plant fiber can raise human body metabolism, achieve nature to reduce heavy goal.

Can restrain human body to eat sweetmeat and fat alimental desire not only, still can prevent a cold, consolidate eyesight.

Carrot has a way not only a lot of, and operation of method of avery kind of rises special convenient, accord with the requirement of MM absolutely.

3 kinds of carrot have a way

1 water boils carrot

Material: 1, 2 carrot


1, carrot abluent, section.

2, enter two bowls of water in boiler, put carrot next piece boil carrot with medium baking temperature piece till molten.

Thin body has a way: Every morning hollow drink carrot together even boiling water go down, lunch and dinner as usual eat. If want to continue to reduce weight, alternately the week is taken again, will surely achieve the goal that MM anticipates.

Eat an apple to fight the world of ageing _ cate effectively everyday

Eat an apple to fight ageing effectively everyday

2017-03-01 13:56:11

Is the skin dry what fruit to eat? Of human body 70% it is by water cent is formed, cutaneous moisture inadequacy produces furrow easily, and long-term dry still can bring about cutaneous ageing. Dry air conditioning can let cutaneous moisture be taken away quickly quickly, we are being used protect skin to taste undertake defending wet filling water while, the fruit beside also has to the skin ensure wet moist result very well.

Is the skin dry what fruit to eat? Everyday 2 fight ageing effectively to 3 apples

One day eats 2 ~ 3 apples (gross eats together) , prevent the skin effectively ageing, dry, can solve the problem such as skin itching, dry cost off a skin. To drying skin, OK still pound of an apple flay, add one teaspoon honey and frostlike powder of a few milk, apply go up at washing clean face, wash with Wen Shui after 20 minutes clean, reoccupy cold water is rinsed, wet latex is protected on besmear again finally, facial ministry skin can carry water all the time tender tender.
Is the skin dry what fruit to eat? The orange contains rich moisture content and vitamin C

The orange contains the nurture such as rich moisture content and vitamin C, citric acid to pledge. Eat 1-3 everyday the orange can alleviate cutaneous is dry, make cutaneous resistance increases, achieve the effect of hairdressing of be good at skin thereby. Nevertheless but a day if eat orange too much kind fruit, can make the skin becomes yellow instead.

The world of cate of _ of food of hairdressing of spot of 7 big dispel

Food of hairdressing of spot of 7 big dispel

2014-07-27 01:23:09

Guide language: The woman wants to embrace the skin that glazed clean is too busy, so the point of full of stains or spots point on the face can have many unpleasant can be imagined. For the stain on take out face, most person can use product of spot of a few dispel. But are these dispel spot products effective really? Are they safe really? Actually, eat food of spot of a few dispel to be close friends than using dispel spot product more, and besides eliminate fleck beyond, these food still are had maintain cutaneous effect. So what do these food have? Below small make up for everybody check prepares food those are OK in the room the hairdressing food of dispel spot.

1, turnip dispel spot

Fresh turnip, also have dispel spot whitened, the function of filling Shui Runfu.

Practice: We are OK juice is extracted after a turnip is abluent, after morning and evening washs a face, pat with juice go up in the face can.

Stain great a long time awaits the deposit that is melanin, and stain flesh slants commonly acidity, want so dispel spot can use green vegetables juice.

Practice: Hit into juice with right amount green vegetables leaf first, after washing a face, pat with green vegetables juice facial, the place in dish juice contains chlorophyll to be absorbed by the skin, make show neuter. Can let skin become fair and clear and bright.

2, spot of celery root dispel

Take root of the 60 celery that overcome delicacy, mincing hind immerse 24 hours with water, juice is taken after filtering.

Practice: Use the juice after filtering wash a face, daily time each, very effective to purify fleck.

Practice: fresh wax gourd flay, put melon gourd ladle the decoction in water, wait for after boiling juice shape, rejoin white vinegar, mixture mix is even, wait for wax gourd next be in face film apply again after juice became cool facial ministry. Before remembering apply face, want first will facial cleanness is clean, all round escape eye ministry and lip, lay down will wait 10 minutes, next scour off can.

3, aubergine dispel spot

Aubergine copes with fleck very expert, presumably don’t a lot of people know? Aubergine can use dispel spot, aubergine skin is hairdressing is good feed capable person, have rich vitamin.

Practice: aubergine abluent, cut piece. With aubergine flesh light light graze wipes brindled place, one is changed again after eggplant flesh works, brush continuously give out heat aglow to affected part. Hold to daily 1. After holding to period of time, you can discover the stain on the face becomes weak really!

4, tomato juice

Food of hairdressing of spot of 7 big dispel

Drink a cup of tomato juice to often perhaps have tomato everyday, have very good help to fleck of prevention and cure. Tomato contains rich vitamin C, having ” the storehouse of vitamin C ” beautiful praise. Vitamin C can restrain the active with enzymatic acid of ammonia of the cheese inside the skin, reduce the formation of melanin effectively, make the skin more white thereby tender. Say so, tomato is to raise Yan Jia to taste.

5, cucumber congee

Modern science considers to prove, cucumber contains C of rich sylvite and a certain quantity of carotene, vitamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, saccharide, protein and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait for nutrient composition, splash, whitened to eliminating the skin has very good effect. Cucumber congee is one of practices of cucumber, take bright gherkin of 100 grams rice, 300 grams, ginger 10 grams boil congee together, flavor with salt, a day two lukewarm take can.

6, juice of citric rock candy

Extract lemon juice, join right amount rock candy drinkable. Lemon contains rich vitamin C, the vitamin C that 100 grams lemon juice contains is as high as 50 milligram. In addition, lemon still contains calcic, phosphor, iron and B a group of things with common features the composition such as the vitamin, often drinkable lemon juice can make skin tender not only white, and still can prevent skin blood-vessel ageing, digest facial pigment spot.

7, congee of black agaric red jujube

Take black agaric 30 grams, red jujube 20. Hair of bubble of will black agaric is abluent, red jujube is abluent go nucleus, add water to boil half hour left and right sides. Each are taken after daily time eat, classics mufti is fed can be stationed in flesh of colour dispel spot, strong and handsome abundant. ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account, black agaric but the shading on purify face. Black agaric has the embellish skin, effect that avoids skin ageing; Make energy of life of the beneficial in mixing, be good at lienal embellish skin.

3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph) _ cate the world

3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

2012-02-07 13:24:30

3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

Introduction: Protect skin to taste not merely, a few delicate sweetmeats also reach the action of beauty colour since the likelihood, more what is more,the rather that they still have those to protect skin to taste the action of a physiology recuperation that does not have! Be compared and character, nourishing sweetmeats has green beauty Yan Zhi effect more, it needs you to go reasonably only drinkable, be like,can bring for you ” give Shui Furong ” like beautiful colour!

These 3 kinds of hairdressing raise the DIY that Yan Tian tastes, bases is bird’s nest and snow clam, these two kinds are the food that has nourishing effect very much to the woman. And the sweetmeats that these two kinds of food are made, have be good at lienal filling gas, enrich the blood raise colour, effect of skin of profit of be good at system, long sarcous; Additional, be like the body inadequacy of frail, courage and uprightness, sallow and emaciated, asthma is phlegmy much, appetite owes beautiful, spirit dispirited, insomnia, heartbeat, yi Ke is used just serve as dietotherapy originally.

"3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

Lotus root starch stews bird’s nest

[nutrition is analysed]

Bird’s nest: Bird’s nest has very high nutrition value, it is tonic of extremely precious delicacies of every kind. It contains rich protein, adipose, iron and calcium to wait for good to person material.

Lotus root starch: Lotus root starch is long the traditional and alimentary food of negative high reputation, value of nutrition of lotus lotus root starch is high, it may not be a bad idea of medical cure action.

"3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

[the measure that make]

Raw material: Lotus root starch, bird’s nest


1, lotus root starch is changed with a few cool boiled water first, cannot have small white spot, rejoin is right amount white sugar, next irruptive boiling water, agitate becomes ropy state;

2, use bird’s nest 6-8 of bubble of cool boiled water hour, after bubble is good tear apart bird’s nest down the grain of bird’s nest, after handling feather clean with forceps, put water is lain between to stew 45-60 inside the handleless cup that stew minute can. Notice choice slow fire is stewed slow, the protein that can reduce bird’s nest so is damaged, the nutrition of better reservation bird’s nest and fragrance.

Lying between water to stew is to point to to be put in the boiler in the bowl sail upstream, the bowl had better add upper cover, better with effect of special the handleless cup that stew, still can go up in the lid even cover gauze paper.

3, in joining the bird’s nest that has boiled the lotus root starch that has mixed can.

[close clew]

If like to eat cold, can be in make ” measure 1 ” later, install a bowl, put freezer refrigerant, when eating, irrigate on bird’s nest can. Average supermarket all has bird’s nest carry out.

"3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)