Often eat these 3 kinds of food to get the world of cate of _ of cancer of the stomach carefully

Often eat these 3 kinds of food to get cancer of the stomach carefully

2017-04-12 16:03:30

The reason that cancer of the stomach sends high divides pollution, as genetic as the environment element to wait outside concerning, we everyday food and cancer of the stomach are having inseparable concern.

Distributing with what our country cancer of the stomach sends an area high in light of, the problem goes to go up in food and have very much ” local characteristic ” , their common feature is long edible pickled food, for instance the flesh kind bloat vegetable of goods, salty fish, souse and sea product.

One, salty pork

Salty pork is a kind of food that local often eats, every arrive in the winter almost every family should bloat a crock of big salty pork, a flesh is put to spill salt of a big bead again first when bloating, stew dish, fried dish to want to put a salty pork at ordinary times, eating is a year.

Salty pork belongs to tall salt food, can injure cell of gastric mucous membrane directly, cause tall salt of cellular mutation; to still can make hydrochloric acid in gastric juice decreases, make the patient appears dyspeptic, cause chronic gastric disease then, if cure can turn not in time slowly,be cancer of the stomach.

Additional, there still are a lot of nitrites in salty pork, it is in inside the stomach after course bacterium action, can make the material with a kind of very strong sex that cause cancer, bring about cellular canceration easily, cause cancer of the stomach.

2, shrimp sauce, kipper doing, fish sauce

Fujian can say the delegate that is tall hair of coastal city cancer of the stomach, patient of most cancer of the stomach examines minutely its food has eat shrimp sauce, souse the habit such as piscine doing, a day of 3 eat use many old Fuzhou people shrimp sauce stir-fries.

However, if the nitrite in these food is long gather inside body to be able to have the effect that causes cancer. Fish sauce is a kind of small salty fish, flavour is very salty, long edible can destroy gastric mucous membrane directly, injure its to protect action, increase the risk that has cancer of the stomach.

3, acerbity thin pancake made of millet flour, pickles

The making method of place’s very popular food acerbity thin pancake made of millet flour is similar to fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour, but it still adulterated corn, pachyrhizus, and the course ferments, mouthfeel is acerbity acid, past place dweller often regards it as staple food.

Via investigating discovery, often the dangerous sex that edible acerbity thin pancake made of millet flour has cancer of the stomach is compared not edible or now and then edible person should tall.    

And, local villager people the pickles that still likes to eat souse, pickles contains many nitrite, the albumen of nitrite and edible kind food union can be formed inferior saltpetre amine, cause gastric ministry disease then, cause gastric ministry canceration.

Sweet clew: How to prevent cancer of the stomach?

Eat garlic to may have safety action to cancer of the stomach more. Via investigating discovery, the dweller of county of hill of dark green of Shandong of area of low hair of our country cancer of the stomach often eats garlic, year intake of garlic of average per capita is 6 times what cancer of the stomach sends area Shandong high to face Qu county.

Because the main active ingredient in garlic is garlic element,garlic prevents cancer of the stomach is, it can reduce the carcinogenic substance inside body to form, but the action that garlic must eat ability raw to have precaution, ripe eat or be souse edible effect bad.

In addition, eat a few fresh vegetable more even, wait with E of C of compensatory carotene, vitamin, vitamin, above nutrition element also can have certain effect to preventing cancer of the stomach, at the same time the attention does not eat salty pork, bloat the food such as pickled Chinese cabbage, barbecue.

The world of cate of _ of effect of 4 great merit of tea of of the previous night of female health care

The effect of 4 great merit of tea of of the previous night of female health care

2017-04-06 14:46:26

The method of female health care has a lot of. But the tea of of the previous night that is cold-shouldered reachs action since the meeting at that time. So, female health care — how is tea of of the previous night used?

1, tea of of the previous night conduces to hemostatic: Tea of of the previous night contains Rou acid, it can promote haemal agglomeration, if appear,oral cavity bleeds, can drink tea of buccal of the previous night to come gargle, if the skin bled, also can be cleaned with tea of of the previous night.

2, bright eye effect: Return besides containing Rou acid in tea of of the previous night contain tea much phenol, and tea much phenol has antiphlogistic effect, if the eye has red silk, can undertake cleaning with tea of of the previous night, can have pretty good effect.

3, cleanness and solid tooth: The fluorine in tea of of the previous night the ganoid calcify of meeting and tooth, and the meeting after calcification enhances a tooth to be opposite the resistance of acidity material, prevent tooth of occurrence eat by moth. Additional, fluorine returns spot of bacterium of OK and cleared tooth, suggest tea of an of the previous night comes to 3 minutes of two drink after the meal gargle, be inferior to be being changed with the method that chews chewing gum so come with boiled water gargle clean tooth.

4, can prevent bask in: Tea of right amount of the previous night can dip in to undertake wiping with clean towel after the skin is being basked in by the sun, the drill in tea of of the previous night is acerbity can have convergent effect to the skin, kind of yellow ketone compound is OK still radiation-proof, if was used,prevent the word that bask in frost or is basked in easily, can try tea of of the previous night.

4 kinds of food cannot feed nutrition to be not absorbed together with chicken still can hurt the world of vigour _ cate

4 kinds of food cannot feed nutrition to be not absorbed together with chicken still can hurt vitality

2017-03-31 13:52:38

[the edible of chicken is no-no]

1, chicken is unfavorable feed together with the carp.

Chicken pleasant is lukewarm, and carp pleasant is smooth. Chicken fills in help this world, the carp unloads gas profit water, both sex flavour is not turned over but functional photograph is multiplied.

2, chicken and garlic photograph gram.

Garlic sex Xin Wen is poisonous, advocate cereal of disappear leaving energy of life, except wind, reduce toxin; And chicken pleasant acid is lukewarm fill, assist of both function photograph. And garlic gas is fumed smelly, from flavor angle is told, also should not with chicken.

3, chicken cannot be fed together with mustard.

Chicken can be fed together with mustard, can hurt vitality. Mustard is the content of hot sex, and chicken belongs to Wen Buzhi to taste, fear aiding fervent, profitless Yu Jiankang.

4, Chicken cannot be fed together with chrysanthemum.

Generally speaking, chicken and chrysanthemum are fed together, can produce toxic reaction, because of this both cannot an edible.

6 kinds of food help you cast off ” blue thin Xianggu mushroom ” _ cate the world

6 kinds of food help you cast off ” blue thin Xianggu mushroom “

2017-03-29 11:19:43

Is the mood bad? ? ? How to do? ? Did not ask, be to eat for certain! ! What food eat to you can alleviate is the mood bad? The mankind this kind of animal, mood change is only between an instant, will quickly look, these food help you cast off immediately ” blue thin Xianggu mushroom ” ! !


Banana contains alkaloid, but hearten spirit and raise hope. And one of origin that banana is acid of ammonia of the color in food and vitamin B6, they can help cerebrum make serum element, reduce blue generation, add meat afternoon or breakfast can eat a banana to help the fruit capacity that reachs a day.


Eat chocolate to make a person buoyant, because chocolate releases the cause of compound amine in cerebrum,this is. Compound amine is formed by lubricious ammonia acid, human body oneself cannot be made, can rely on only obtain from outside food. Acid content of chocolate itself lubricious ammonia is not high, but it contains many sugar, can cause insulin generate. Insulin ensures candy is divided in entering a cell, the lubricious ammonia acid that stay enters cerebrum, be synthesized to be compound amine. The mood that pair of people meet in staying in cranial nerve to bolt when compound amine produces positive effect, the help drives away depressed mood.


Calcic person is lacked inside body, neurological the condition that is in excessive excitement. The child is short of calcic meeting to cry be troubled by ceaseless, it is easy that adult is short of calcium by rile, the mood accuses very hard. Be short of calcium to return meeting aggravate insomnia, and the disposition when Morpheus is bad often poorer, milk is calcic optimal origin, drink a cup of bright milk every morning, afternoon a cup of yoghurt, also be happy fountainhead.


The rich vitamin C in grapefruit can maintain the chroma of erythrocyte not only, make the body has resistance more, and vitamin C still can be fought pressure. The most important is, making much cling to when amine and adrenalin, vitamin C is one of important part.

Deep-sea fish

Consider to discover, the whole world lives in the person of the seaside to compare joy. Because the sea makes person mind clear enrage bright,this is not only, because live in the person of the seaside to often have deep-sea fish,be more. The researcher of haing Buddha university points out, the OMEGA-3 fatty acid in sea fish and if carbonic acid lithium has similar effect,fight blue drug commonly usedly, can block breaks nerve to conduct method, raise the exudation of serum element.

Whole wheat bread

Carbohydrate can increase the exudation of serum element. The researcher of Masschusetts Institute of Technology ever expressed, cooked wheaten food, mug-up this kind of food regards as fighting blue agent to eat have scientific basis.

Food can make a person happy, but more important is the mood that should learn to recuperate his, want to know, often the mood in depressed, heart not happy right healthy also be adverse.

3 small stick person absorb the world of cate of _ of nutrition of more fruit juice

3 small stick person absorb nutrition of more fruit juice

2017-03-23 14:19:27

The person of juice of vegetables of long-term edible fruit can have a kind of feeling, the mouthfeel that is fruit vegetables juice is like about the same, can be according to oneself taste actually in fruit vegetables juice join a few honey or the dressing of white sugar and so on, can promote mouthfeel, return OK and compensatory nutrition. The fruit vegetables juice that has made had better not heat, cool move is drunk, after heating, may make partial nutrition element perhaps is destroyed by prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. If do not mind, the broken bits after the proposal extracts juice child also eat off together, won’t waste the nutrient composition in fruit and vegetable so.

Edible is small stick person:

1, delicacy extracts fruit juice is very easy metamorphism. It begins to lose nutrient, include enzymatic. It is good to extract fruit vegetables juice it is OK to be drunk immediately increase of effect of use fruit juice is the biggest change. We are most the person likes frozen fruit juice, but had better be to use up fall in room temperature.

2, if freezer store cannot avoid, fruit juice of the keep in storage in the vitreous canister of the least empty hermetic seal in a canister prevents to reduce nutrition to drop (namely juice canister top does not have air best) , the fruit juice composition that meeting oxidation injures the oxygen in air. And aluminum foil of the bottle that pack can hold back the light to destroy fruit juice

3, some people are unaccustomed the flavour of fruit juice, can add a few sterling honey, improve the flavor of fruit juice, honey strong oxidant is OK the protects fruit juice nutrition of utmost, fight consenescence goodly, reduce weight, hairdressing effect, the pagoda tree flower of honey idle talk is sweet, can promote the fragrance of fruit juice.

4 kinds of macrobian food eat much also hurt _ cate the world

4 kinds of macrobian food eat much also hurt

2017-01-16 13:26:51

To major now person, food is not of the rule, morpheus is abnormal. Bringing about a lot of maw so is not very healthy. The stomach is bad, it is OK to do not eat hot food? Return some vegetable actually, eat much also can hurt a stomach.

1, onion

Onion has material of two kinds of special nutrition, element of Mongolian oak skin and prostate element A. Onion can prevent cancer, safeguard a heart and vessels to will be fought, exciting appetite help is digested, antiseptic fight a cold. But a variety of advantage all are normal to function of intestines and stomach person for, that eats onion to having the person of stomach trouble, eat much can cause gastric spasm.

2, bean curd

Bean curd is make by soja, eat more can prevent cancer, boycott osteoporosis, increase memory, protect liver to wait, more helpful to female of the turn of life, because return OK and compensatory female sex hormone. Although advantage is great, but taller purine also is contained in bean curd, promoted action of excretive of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, exceed human body to bear when hydrochloric acid in gastric juice limits hind causes a stomach easily to bilge gas and indigestion.

3, tomato

Tomato contains many vitamin C, sexual raw or cold food, but heat of clear hot need, benefit kidney diuresis, eat the OK still and compensatory antioxidant that thoroughly cook to reduce human body to have the risk of cancer and heart disease. But to taste the female of Xu Han and menstruation cannot be eaten raw, also cannot eat raw, the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice when eating because of abdomen of high above in the sky secretes a quantity to be able to appear too much the stomach is unwell, bilge painful wait for a feeling. Because its eat to produce a large number of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice much more easily, gastritis or gastric ulcer patient must is far from.

4, on the west orchid

Contain rich vitamin C, and can fight cancer, suffer place of a lot of people to like. Besides the accident that fight cancer it still contains rich ascorbic acid, the alexipharmic capacity that can increase liver enhances power of human body immunity. But on the west many dissolubility is contained in orchid prandial fiber, edible hind divides the meeting when solution to produce a large number of gas in gastric ministry, the person with bad stomach eats much can bring about a stomach to bilge

Food taken late at night has these full stomaches the world of cate of not fat _

Food taken late at night has these full stomaches not fat

2016-12-06 15:33:50

A lot of office worker can work overtime very late, this time takes food taken late at night to worry again gain flesh, do not take food taken late at night abdomen of true empty stomach rumble is hollow empty, how is this can call a person good? Need not trouble, let me recommend the food that ate to also won’t gain flesh a few night for you now, let you can satisfy full abdomen feeling already, need not fear the figure goes again form!

When to eat?

The stomach as a result of human body besides digest, still need 9 hours to undertake broom works, the strut that there is indigestion the following day after a lot of people take food taken late at night feels, because do not have,make the kill that good broom works namely. Accordingly, if you can sleep to in the morning the following day at 8 o’clock, the digestive time that turns 7 hours forth is extra cleared job of 2 hours, the time that so you take a late food had better not exceed at 11 o’clock. Of course, if choose easy digestive food, let digest time to shorten, after that eats the time of the late food to be able to be gone to a bit.

What does the late food eat?

1, fruit

The fruit is the optimal provision that makes food taken late at night, but if you are to belong to the sort of ” drink water repeatedly the metropolis is fat ” constitution, also recommend fruit of a few appearance here, like apple, tomato and banana these a few kinds of fruits are returned suit any time to come completely edible, not only have nutrition, satisfy instantaneous hunger very easily also, satiated feeling is enough, to be worth the friend during reducing weight, be perfectly companion of fine of food taken late at night.

2, abrade reach masticatory sex food

According to research, through abrade food, it is easy to want directer than original other people boil to boil digest, soft-boiled egg wants to be digested easily than boiled eggs. Additional, because masticatory movement conduces to hectic quantity, so if must take food taken late at night, be sure to keep in mind to choose to need masticatory food, in order to reduce hoard for speculation of alimental quantity of heat, how to after becoming day, swing also swing what do not go is adipose.

3, vitamin B a group of things with common features food — disappear be agitated

Represent food: Whole wheat food

Vitamin of B a group of things with common features mutual have synergism, can adjust metabolic, enhance neurological function. Rich B is contained in whole wheat food a group of things with common features vitamin, it has the effect that removes irritating, stimulative Morpheus. Biscuit of bread of oaten, barley, unpolished rice, whole wheat, whole wheat belong to whole wheat food.

4, calcium and magnesian food — loosen nerve

Represent food: Milk, walnut

Consider to discover, calcic magnesium is used can become natural relaxation agent and downer. The milk with calcic rich content by accepted for ” the beautiful that aid Mian is tasted ” . Magnesian content is more in firm fruit food, be in clinical on, walnut often is used to treat the symptom such as neurasthenic, insomnia, forgetful, much dream.

5, lubricious ammonia acerbity food — reduce excitement to spend

Represent food: Millet congee

Lubricious ammonia acid is generated in the metabolization inside human body 5, hydroxide lubricious amine, it can restrain central nervous excitement to spend, produce particular Mondayish move. In the meantime, 5, hydroxide lubricious amine can be changed further inside human body make fade black element, fade black element is confirmed to have exact mix undisturbedly cause Morpheus effect. Millet contains lubricious ammonia acid to be abounded most in all cereal, some of millet is being added in dinner staple food should be a good idea, be helpful for rising enter the lubricious ammonia acerbity amount inside the head. In addition, south the lubricious ammonia acid content in the vegetable such as melon seeds benevolence, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, skin of soya-bean milk, dried, laver, black sesame seed is very high also.

How does _ cate the world awake after drunk wine

How to awake after drunk wine

2016-11-04 10:05:31

Daily life counteracts hard to avoid of friend party, family party to be able to appear stoned phenomenon, especially broad male friend. Drunk drunken meeting is right the liver of human body, stomach, nerve influence with be caused certain, seasonable sober up wants after malty wine so, lest be opposite,oneself health causes harm. We introduce a few kinds to provide the used method that see alcoholic drink quite in detail below:


Cider of pear of rock candy snow


Heart of fresh Chinese cabbage is cut paragraph, add the condiment such as vinegar, salt, balm, garlic to mix divide evenly, unripe feed.

By: Pleasant of Chinese cabbage flavour, the gender is small cold, result can see pass water of wine poison, benefit.

Bean products

Gram bud 250g, drink of decoct soup acting tea.

By: Pleasant of gram bud flavour, the gender is cool. Result but clear heat, sober up, alexipharmic, know interest 2, advocate the wine that treat an injury.


Apple, acerbity pomegranate, tangerine, watermelon, Yang Mei, pear, mulberry, mandarin orange, shaddock, orange, strawberry, direct edible or extract juice drinkable.

By: All conduce to solution wine, sober up in order to sail upstream if really. Suit to drink edible of the overmuch, irritated person that heat up drunk wine.

Aquatic product

Clam: Use cold water pan a few times, in putting clear water quiet place spits clean silt 2 hours, evaporate is taken, Bao Shang Huo is fried take.

By: Clam flavour is salty, the gender is cold. Result but method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, benefit water detumescence, sober up. Suit the person edible of drinking excessive, drunk wine.

Razor clam: Wash with cold water clean, buy rinses the hour that raise number discharges contamination, evaporate is taken, Bao Shang Huo is fried take.

By: Razor clam flesh is good at clear heat dividing irritated, drinking excessive, Bacchic irritated thirsty person also but edible. ” cure forest bun wants explore source ” its have talk ” sober up of satisfy one’s thirst, except irritated go heating up ” effect.

The world of cate of _ of 6 kinds of macrobian food that the eye has least of all in the life

6 kinds of macrobian food of the eye have least of all in the life

2016-09-08 10:22:33

Although delicacies of every kind is goluptious, not certain however health. In the dietary tradition of the chiliad on China, ancestor people left a few native land food, although they look be like ordinary, however conduce health is macrobian.
Embellish of clear bowel of 1. pine nut skins.

The pine nut like pearl, apply in conventional drive board extensive, all along is regarded as to have nourishing powerful body effect. The grease component with substantial pine nut, not only can help defecate, return OK and moist skin. In the meantime, pine nut is high grade grease origin, contain multivariate not saturated fatty acid, can alleviate inflammation reaction.
How to eat the most healthy: Pine nut quantity of heat is higher, scatter a dot to be on meal at ordinary times, every time a small.

2. garlic is antiphlogistic antiseptic.

In the time that does not have antibiotic, garlic is acting important helping part. Before necessary salt follows garlic when march, salt uses complement mineral, garlic is used antiseptic with precautionary disease. Latter, garlic also can be reduced by discovery cholesterol. But unripe garlic is hot excitant strong, gastritis, sore throat, haemorrhoid, eye is red, accordingly long the person of whelk, unfavorable eat garlic raw.

How to eat the most healthy: Avoid hollow edible garlic, can use boil, fry or do pickle, reduce its acrimony stimulation. Or it is tie-in boiled dumpling, cooked wheaten food eats together, hurt a stomach not easily.

3. Chinese cabbage relieves a cough expectorant still fight cancer.

Withered of winter everythings on earth, chinese cabbage however still as pine euqally fresh and green, be welcomed generally by people. Look in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, chinese cabbage is OK heat of solution of allay a fever, relieve a cough expectorant. Modern science discovers, the nutrient value of Chinese cabbage is high, sort is much, can eat all the year round, it is the most popular star that fight cancer. Winter is the good season that has Chinese cabbage, the fiber with rich Chinese cabbage and vitamin C, what vegetables and fruits of OK and complemental winter absorbs is insufficient. But the person of Xu Han constitution, do not suit to eat the Chinese cabbage of raw or cold food in great quantities, be like pickle.

How to eat the most healthy: When having chaffy dish, did not forget to add bit of Chinese cabbage more as far as possible, the gas with hot and dry clear up.

4. congee protects gastric filling vigour.

Congee is in infusion process, already released the significant component in food deliquescent in Shang Shui, because this is digested very easily to absorb, suit weakling of have a poor appetite, body. The dietotherapy effect of congee is Protean, congee of very light blue has congee of antiseptic effect, celery to be able to make relieve oneself smooth, scatter in boiling hot congee on scallion, can prevent a cold… in addition, congee still can assist medicaments to achieve better curative effect, for example the Chinese traditional medicine such as almond, tuckahoe material, must with congee an edible, ability lets medical effect last, achieve better result.

How to eat the most healthy: Hot congee is best, it is better to cooperate salty congee of boiling water of broth, food or vegetable infusion, can let food nutrition elite be absorbed.

5. kelp helps defecate do not gain flesh.

Quantity of heat is low and be full of colloid, mineral kelp is the hairdressing health food that suits modern very much. Kelp contains a lot ofsolubility fiber, digest more easily than common thread absorb, help smooth defecate. The biggest advantage is, kelp quantity of heat is low, as the late food mug-up need not worry about get fat, suit to love beautiful woman very much.

How to eat the most healthy: Kelp and vinegar are the tie-innest, vinegar can let kelp bate, can try kelp of cold and dressed with sauce of try out vinegar. Add the kelp boiling water of ice cube, can highlight acetic acidity, mouthfeel is more relaxed.

6. buckwheat step-down aids Morpheus.

Buckwheat is contained puissant fight oxide, can fall hematic fat, enhance hemal flexibility, prevent blood to condense, it is the very good food that protect a heart. In addition, its fall blood pressure and the result that help Mian are very good also. Buckwheat or very good large intestine scavenger, fiber content is 6 times of rice more general, have so ” clean bowel is careless ” say.

How to eat the most healthy: Can the buckwheat flour cold and dressed with sause, soup that boil. OK also remove evaporate or boil buckwheat and rice congee.

The world of cate of _ of pineapple allergy means of settlement

Pineapple allergy means of settlement

2013-11-08 18:49:19

There are 3 kinds of bad parts in pineapple, the likelihood brings a trouble to the person:


Glucoside kind, it is a kind of organic matter, it is certain to have to mucous membrane of the person’s skin, oral cavity excitant. The oral cavity after eating the unripe pineapple without processing so feels scratchy, but still do not have immediate harm to health.

Hydroxide lubricious amine, it is a kind of nitric organic matter, intense ground makes blood-vessel constrictive with the action that makes blood pressure elevatory, contain in fruit juice of every 100 grams 2. 5 milligram ~ 3. 5 milligram. Eat much hind react even if have a headache directly.

Pineapple albumen is enzymatic, it is a kind of protein hydrolyze enzymatic. Abstraction comes out to have the very powerful effect that disintegrates fibrin and hematic clot later, useful on medical treatment.

A few albumen in pineapple are enzymatic have a stomach in hind be decomposed to destroy by gastric juice. But have a small number of people enzymatic to this kind have allergic reaction. The 15 ~ after eating control bellyacke of emerge in large numbers, disgusting, vomiting, urticaria 60 minutes (common weighs wheal) , have a headache, the symptom such as dizziness. Serious still can produce breath to reach shock difficultly. Alleged pineapple allergy points to this namely and character.


Pineapple is mixed toward the skin after Guo Ding, cut piece or piece, put in boiled water to be boiled eat again. Pineapple albumen is enzymatic in 45 ~ 50 ℃ urge action with respect to germinant denaturation, arrive when 100 ℃ , 90% above are destroyed; glucoside kind also can be destroyed to eliminate; hydroxide description at the same time Yu Shuizhong of amine criterion dissolve. The taste after classics boil also gets reforming.

If the taste giving birth to delicacy to hold to pineapple, can cut piece or piece pineapple is put in brine (what cook food commonly is salty degree) in immerse 30 minutes or so, dip of reoccupy cool boiled water washs past saline taste, can reach the action of desensitization as much.