The garden of chrysanthemum of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the fish of kylin of practice _ evaporate of evaporate kylin fish does fish of _ evaporate kylin [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Cruelly oppress is fresh and tender, flavour fragrant Qing Dynasty is mellow.


Advocate makings: Weever1 (750 grams) , complementary makings: WetXianggu mushroom30 grams, Ham, 25 grams, Plain boiled pork50 grams, The egg is clearA condiment / , condiment: Gourmet powder, refined salt, Carry on wine, PepperyPink, Sesame-seed oil, Amylaceous, Go up soup, Ripe lardyEach are right amount


(1) removes weever fleshy flay, piscine head opens two, piscine end continue to employ. Become piscine sliced meat ” Shuang Fei piece) (be together 2 pieces repeatedly) , plain boiled pork, ham, Xianggu mushroom each slice, join wine of egg Qing Dynasty, carry on, refined salt, gourmet powder, pepper to bloat be soiled a few minutes.

(2) general fish dish dish the bottom is wiped on thin lardy, it is clip of ham, Xianggu mushroom, plain boiled pork next among slices of fish meat, chase place into dish in, place head end next, put into steam box to use flourishing fire evaporate about 10 minutes to be taken out. the vessel below former juice, add soup, clear salt, gourmet powder, hit Gorgon euryale with amylaceous water, drench sesame-seed oil, lardy become namely.

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