The good Li You of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the hot beef of practice _ hemp of hemp hot beef does _ hemp hot beef [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Colour and lustre is ruddy, hemp piquancy is mellow.


Advocate makings: Beef, redPointed any of several hot spice plants, green paragraph, Jiang Pian, aniseed, Soy, cooking wine, refined salt, gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ashFace


(1) beef cuts strip, appear into boiled water float, go hematic water is stand-by;

(2) red pointed any of several hot spice plants is washed clean cut paragraph. The baked wheaten cake on clean boiler is hot, enter bottom oil, put aniseed, onion paragraph, Jiang Pian, blast of pointed any of several hot spice plants is put to give piquancy again after scamper gives sweet smell, the beef that puts waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall piece stir-fry before stewing is fried, join soy, after frying consummate color, boil enters cooking wine, add the water of certain amount, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, cast aside go float foam, join refined salt, stew about 2 hours with small fire.

(3) to the flesh crisp face of gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ash is joined to leave anger when rotting, wait for fill after air is cool dish can. Take the advantage of hot edible, gust Yi Jia.

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