The Yu Man of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that the practice _ that suckles sweet Chinese flowering quince to stew snow clam suckles sweet Chinese flowering quince to stew snow clam how to do _ to suckle sweet Chinese flowering quince to stew snow clam carries on his shoulder or back [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Snow clam is called ” par bird’s nest ” , its hairdressing action places on a par with bird’s nest, because both contains the surface to lay chief factor and stimulative segmentation gene, can make the skin meticulous and beautiful, provide embellish lung to raise colour, treat the action that deficiency of yin with irritability coughs. Snow clam namely toad is oily (oil of toad of renown Ha Shi, forest frog is oily) , snow clam creams is by the female in ranid forest the oviduct of frog, classics collect and process is dry and into. Snow clam is had defer consenescence apparently, fall hematic fat, enhance airframe immunity power, fight the action such as exhaustion, it is the lady raises Yan Meirong, the man enhances tonic of natural and advanced nutrition. Its have Chinese pharmacopoeia account essence of filling kidney beneficial, raise the effect of shade embellish lung. In Li Shizhen ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account: Gan Xian of snow clam flavour, sex is gentle. The consumptive disease that provide solution is calorific benefit water, detumescence, filling empty, You Yi’s puerpera. In ” Chinese pharmacopoeia ” , ” big dictionary of Chinese traditional medicine ” , ” manual of Chinese herbal medicine ” ” Chinese medicine annals ” in waiting also account arrives: Lung of snow clam fat profit raises shade. Change essence of life to add pith, filling head beneficial wisdom, smooth liver raises a stomach, fight decline halt colour, beneficial of be good at head wisdom, defer consenescence, use at the body cough of feeble, postpartum deficiency of vital energy, consumption, endocrine is broken.


SweetPapaya1, Snow clam creams4 grams, Bright grandmaOr coconutDew0.5 cups, Rock candyRight amount, water


1. creams dry snow clam with roll leach 3 hours or one evening, go next soggy, reoccupy rolls Bao of water slow fire newly half hours. (Join silk of a few ginger or stew with fragrant citrus flesh and juice can go with Bao fishy smell) .

Hot water goes after 2. Bao is good, change cold water again, choose its impurity very easily so, sunspot. After choosing its impurity, wash clean thoroughly with clear water.

3. general rock candy and water dissolve of a Bao, put next wash white snow clam to cream slow fire Bao a hour, add bright milk. Or coconut is suckled (had better make with the container Bao of porcelain.

Xian of 4. Chinese flowering quince is clean and cortical, a 2/5 is cut to make a top in coping, gouge nucleus and flesh, papaya puts the handleless cup that stew inside, the snow clam with infuse good Bao creams, build, insert lid of solid Chinese flowering quince with toothpick, lie between water to stew one hour can.

Small hang

[how to differentiate clam of top grade snow to cream] the snow clam that sells in the market, two kinds of outfit having a case and bulk, no matter choose what kind of, it is the dry assortment that should pick treatment to pass certainly, select the product of normal manufacturer as far as possible, (because some people are met an other breed frog kind pretend to be forest frog, true toad oil is the lump content of size of drier big toe lid, color is yellow and brown depth differ, have stink of light raw meat or fish. Expand leading also is to differentiate snow clam – a of toad oil important level, good snow clam expands rate should achieve 20-30 the bulk of times changes. [how the snow clam of purify creams fishy smell] join a few Jiang Si or stew with fragrant citrus flesh and juice with Bao, can go fishy smell, next rejoin coco is shown or bright grandma is stewed. Clam must take the advantage of the snow after been do to eat hotly, cold not delicious and have fishy smell. [snow

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