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Hiemal food is formed

2012-02-07 12:01:06

Winter, climate chill, yin Chengyang declines. Human body suffers the effect of cold air temperature, the physiology function of airframe and appetite all can produce change. Accordingly, adjust food reasonably, is sponsorial body indispensible of nutriment fill be contrary to  accumulate does Gou haw say where bald  ancients name for a water catltrop first does strange  of  of Sao of δ of A of  hare cook step on  ⑺ to sincere feeling copy of  of straight plaque of  of scabbard of  of  of broadleaf plant of  divinatory symbols?

Should assure the supply of heat energy above all. The chilly climate in the winter affects the internal system of human body, make secrete of divide into equal parts of the thyroid element of human body, adrenalin increases, be promoted thereby and quicken protein, adipose, carbohydrate of nutriment of 3 kinds of big heat source decompose, in order to increase the drive cold capacity of airframe, cause be lost of human body quantity of heat so overmuch, accordingly, the nutrition in the winter should be given priority to with increasing heat energy, can absorb more appropriately contain a lot ofcarbohydrate and adipose food. To old people, adipose intake cannot pass much, lest cause the other disease of old people, but should absorb enough protein, because protein catabolism increases, human body is easy appear negative nitrogen balance. Protein supply is measured in order to occupy total caloric 17 % of 15 ~ had better, furnishs protein should be given priority to with high grade protein, be like lean lean, egg, fish, breast kind, legume and its goods, what these food place contain is protein, facilitate human body is digested not only absorb, and contain a lot ofindispensible and amino acid, nutrient value is higher, can increase the cold-resistant of human body and disease-resistant capacity.

In the winter, be vegetable is off-season, vegetable amount already little, breed is drabber also, be in our country especially northward, this one phenomenon is more outstanding. Accordingly, often after a winter passes, human body occurrence vitamin is insufficient, if lack B of vitamin A, vitamin, lack vitamin C especially, bring about many old people to produce oral cavity ulcer accordingly, gum gall, haemorrhage, the symptom such as defecate constipate. Method of its prevention and cure, should expand above all feed a cause, winter greenery dish decreases relatively, can eat some of potato appropriately kind, wait like sweet potato, potato. They all contain a lot ofvitamin C, hearts sweet potato still contains more carotene. Eat potato more kind, can complement not only vitamin, still have the heat inside Qing Dynasty, go poisonous action of acute communicable diseases. In addition, in the highroad dish that appears on the market in winter, outside dividing Chinese cabbage, still should choose cabbage patch, bud of turnip of the beauty in the heart, Bai Luobo, carrot, soya bean, gram bud, cole. Content of the vitamin in these vegetable all richer. Often should exchange only breed, reasonable and tie-in, of the need of vitamin of OK still and compensatory human body.

Hiemal chill, the nutrition that still can affect human body metabolizes, make the wastage of all sorts of nutriment all has the addition of different level. Because old people digests the influence that absorb and the element metabolizes inside body, often the element such as easy lack Potassium, calcic, natrium, iron, estimate increase plus make water of winter human body, make afore-mentioned inorganic salt follow the quantity of uric fluid eduction, also more grow in quantity, accordingly, should give in time compensatory. Can eat more some contain the rich food such as calcic, iron, natrium, Potassium, wait like dried, dried small shrimps, sesame paste, pork liver, banana. If have sodium low person, when making food, taste slants a bit salty, can complement.

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