Eat bean curd to defend the world of cate of cardiovascular ill _ everyday

Eat bean curd to prevent cardiovascular disease everyday

2012-02-07 12:07:17

7EveryThe day assures to eat half bean curd at least, prevent cardiovascular disease effectively. ” this is science of food of Chinese agriculture college and nutrient engineering the viewpoint that Lilite teachs the courtyard to was elaborated when accepting a reporter to interview a few days ago.

The protein in soja not only content is high, and photograph of egg, milk can is like to rival with albumen of high grade animal on quality.

New assessment technique makes clear, soja albumen can be satisfied completely (2 years old of above) all sorts of human body is right needing the demand of amino acid. 1977, american scientist discovers soja albumen has the effect of the cholesterol content in reducing blood, a large number of clinical research make clear, want to absorb albumen of soja of 25 grams above at least only everyday, can reduce the cholesterol content in blood, prevent cardiovascular disease effectively. Accordingly, american food and medicaments management board were soja the food that has sanitarian function surely 1999, released ” soja albumen health care is tagged ” approve announcement. According to this announcement, if food of a soja is medium,be in the United States, want to contain the soja protein of 6.25 grams above only, can tag for ” cardiovascular health care is tasted ” . England also was announced 2003 with the United States the soja albumen health of almost identical content marks law.

Eat bean curd to prevent cardiovascular disease everyday

So, if according to everyday edible albumen of soja of 25 grams above, develop function of its health care to come thereby computative, each everyday should edible Where is how many bean products?

“Eat half bean curd at least everyday. ” Professor Li says: “The main nutrition of bean curd, soya-bean milk no less than milk, the protein of bean curd and calcic chroma are suckled high even at the ox, and the 10 ~ that the quantity that contain iron is milk 20 times above. Especially the calcium in bean curd and iron, have taller absorptivity, those who add soja albumen reduce calcium to excrete action, accordingly, soja food is the health food that has the function such as osteoporosis of filling calcium, precaution, mix compared with milk other filling calcium medicine, the price of bean curd and soya-bean milk is cheap however much. Additional, with eat the flesh and drink milk photograph to compare, the content of bean products cholesterol such as bean curd and soya-bean milk is almost 0. Accordingly, many dietetics homes call bean products cheap and fine optimal health food. Many dietetics homes call bean products cheap and fine optimal health food.. Many dietetics homes call bean products cheap and fine optimal health food… Cate ChinaCate China

In recent years the scientist returns discovery, soja albumen is had via can arising after enzymatic hydrolyze fight oxidation, fall blood pressure and the polypeptide that improve immune force function, soja polypeptide is had reduce the blood sugar, blood pressure, function that prevents arteriosclerosis. The soja of Chinese tradition ferments food, wait to contain the polypeptide of functional sex soja with very tall active like fabaceous Chi, fermented bean curd. In fact, epidemiology considers to make clear, as a result of Asian prandial in contain more soybean products, the incidence of a disease of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer wants than the United States and Western Europe person low much. For healthy, ask you everyday edible half above bean curd.

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