The world of cate of different nutrition _ of different fish

The different nutrition of different fish

2012-02-07 12:10:51

Crucian carp fish

Good energy of life be good at lienal, benefit water detumescence, clear hot detoxify, connect the function such as the breast below subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy. Ascites patient boils Shang Fu to feed in all with fish of bright crucian carp and bare red bean have curative effect. With fresh crucian carp fish and pig hoof are the same as cook over a slow fire, connect soup edible, can treat a puerpera to breed less. Crucian carp fish oil is helpful for cardiovascular function, still can reduce haemal viscosity,


Have be good at lienal detumescence of appetizing, diuresis, relieve a cough smooth asthma, install an embryo to connect the function such as breast, clear hot detoxify. Carp and wax gourd, very light blue boils Shang Fu to feed, treat nephritis oedema. Big carp leaves scale to go to what ripe cent of alvine miscellaneous cook over a slow fire takes, treat icteric. Soup of Bao of hoof of the carp that use work, pig takes food therapy pregnant woman to breed less. Carp and a few of end of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb boil Shang Fu to use, treat cough asthma.

Silver carp

Have the function such as skin of Wen Zhongyi gas, warm stomach, embellish, it is food of preserve one’s health of Wen Zhong filling gas.

Black carp

Filling gas raises a stomach, change wet benefit water, dispel the wind to divide irritated wait for a function. What its contain the microelement such as zincic Selenium to conduce to fight cancer.

Snakeheaded fish

Have fill lienal benefit water, go Yu gives birth to the function such as kidney of new, clear hot dispel the wind, filling liver. Red jujube of snakeheaded fish and ginger is boiled feed auxiliary to treating tuberculosis to have action. Snakeheaded fish and brown sugar are stewed take can treat nephritis. The puerpera feeds steamed snakeheaded fish to be able to urge breast to enrich the blood.


Blood of kidney of liver having grow, filling gas, clear stomach goes the function such as heat. It is the woman’s health food, have raise blood, bright eye, stimulate the menstrual flow, install embryo, benefit to produce, hemostatic, urge the function such as breast.

Grass carp

Have the smooth liver dispel the wind function in warming the stomach is mixed, it is food of preserve one’s health of Wen Zhong filling empty.


Have warm stomach, filling empty, lustre skin, dispel the wind, kill the function such as bug, filling the five internal organs, can use the auxiliary treatment of hepatitis of the ductility that make change, chronic hepatitis. Hepatitis patient uses what superstratum oil takes to feed after bright hairtail evaporate is ripe, long take ameliorable symptom.


Good energy of life raises the function such as bone of benefit of blood, soft muscle.

Ricefield eel

Enter liver lienal kidney 3 classics, have the function such as rheumatism of filling empty caustic, dispel, strong bones and muscles, also have certain adjustment to blood sugar action. Gas blood two empty person shredded meat of usable ricefield eel, the root of remembranous milk vetch (gauze is wrapped) add water to thoroughly cook flavor take feed. Children infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites is accumulated, form is thin feed little person usable ricefield eel, cut paragraph add a few of the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard to thoroughly cook edible. Prolapse of internal piles haemorrhage, uterus can boil ricefield eel feed,


Poison of sober up of evil of dehumidify of gas of the beneficial in filling, dispel, satisfy one’s thirst, dispel divides naevus, detumescence to protect the function of liver. Fierce anger of loach and garlic is thoroughlied cook can treat hidebound oedema. Loach is used panbroil to brown add water to boil Shang Ke to treat children night sweat. The loach bean curd that stew can treat damp and hot icteric. Huang Tong of loach and shrimp is boiled take, ke Zhiyang Wei is not lifted.

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