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Newlywed is unfavorable drink ” coke “

2012-02-07 11:53:43

The experts of college of medicine of university of American haing Buddha are different to 3 kinds when sell on market the Coke Cola beverage of the recipe, make antipersonnel conclude after the experiment of spermatozoon: Newly-married man is drinkable coke beverage, spermatozoon can be killed and wound directly, affect reproductive ability of the man thereby. Once be united in wedlock with ovum,be like wounded spermatozoon, may bring about fetal deformation, or congenital inadequacy.

They also offerred advice to newly-married woman, offer a piece of advice they are little drink or not drink coke beverage is beautiful. Because the caffein of higher class status is contained in most coke beverage, the absorption that coffeine passes placenta very easily inside body enters fetal system inside, can endanger the organ such as fetal cerebra, heart, same meeting makes fetal cause deformation or congenital disease.

Accordingly, experts suggest, newlywed and the husband and wife that want the child, besides needing wine of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, coke beverage is unfavorable also and drinkable. Although the baby is born hind, the mother of infant and lactation also cannot drinkable coke beverage. Because the infant is drinkable hind, coffeine can damage its health; Coffeine also can be followed galactic and indirect the health that enters baby of the harm inside infantile body. To issue the health of generation, less in the past to people of this kind of our country contact understands not much beverage consequently, ought to discreet and drinkable, especially more such to the coke of the entrance beverage.

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