3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph) _ cate the world

3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

2012-02-07 13:24:30

3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

Introduction: Protect skin to taste not merely, a few delicate sweetmeats also reach the action of beauty colour since the likelihood, more what is more,the rather that they still have those to protect skin to taste the action of a physiology recuperation that does not have! Be compared and character, nourishing sweetmeats has green beauty Yan Zhi effect more, it needs you to go reasonably only drinkable, be like,can bring for you ” give Shui Furong ” like beautiful colour!

These 3 kinds of hairdressing raise the DIY that Yan Tian tastes, bases is bird’s nest and snow clam, these two kinds are the food that has nourishing effect very much to the woman. And the sweetmeats that these two kinds of food are made, have be good at lienal filling gas, enrich the blood raise colour, effect of skin of profit of be good at system, long sarcous; Additional, be like the body inadequacy of frail, courage and uprightness, sallow and emaciated, asthma is phlegmy much, appetite owes beautiful, spirit dispirited, insomnia, heartbeat, yi Ke is used just serve as dietotherapy originally.

"3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

Lotus root starch stews bird’s nest

[nutrition is analysed]

Bird’s nest: Bird’s nest has very high nutrition value, it is tonic of extremely precious delicacies of every kind. It contains rich protein, adipose, iron and calcium to wait for good to person material.

Lotus root starch: Lotus root starch is long the traditional and alimentary food of negative high reputation, value of nutrition of lotus lotus root starch is high, it may not be a bad idea of medical cure action.

"3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

[the measure that make]

Raw material: Lotus root starch, bird’s nest


1, lotus root starch is changed with a few cool boiled water first, cannot have small white spot, rejoin is right amount white sugar, next irruptive boiling water, agitate becomes ropy state;

2, use bird’s nest 6-8 of bubble of cool boiled water hour, after bubble is good tear apart bird’s nest down the grain of bird’s nest, after handling feather clean with forceps, put water is lain between to stew 45-60 inside the handleless cup that stew minute can. Notice choice slow fire is stewed slow, the protein that can reduce bird’s nest so is damaged, the nutrition of better reservation bird’s nest and fragrance.

Lying between water to stew is to point to to be put in the boiler in the bowl sail upstream, the bowl had better add upper cover, better with effect of special the handleless cup that stew, still can go up in the lid even cover gauze paper.

3, in joining the bird’s nest that has boiled the lotus root starch that has mixed can.

[close clew]

If like to eat cold, can be in make ” measure 1 ” later, install a bowl, put freezer refrigerant, when eating, irrigate on bird’s nest can. Average supermarket all has bird’s nest carry out.

"3 raise Yan Zirun sweetmeats to drink a beauty (graph)

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