The turnip has a way this kind unexpectedly can thin in January the world of cate of 10 jins of _

The turnip has a way this kind unexpectedly can thin in January 10 jins

2017-04-01 14:39:33

Carrot is everybody again common the stuff that does not pass. If you want to reduce weight, eat carrot to also can come true easily opportunely. Have a way with respect to what teach everybody a few kinds of carrot today, want you to illuminate only make a month thin 10 jins are a breeze then.

Contain red turnip element and vitamin B1, B2, C, D, E, K and folic acid, calcium to wait for ten kinds of nutriment with food fiber character, make human body absorbs nutrition more comprehensive.

Contained plant fiber can raise human body metabolism, achieve nature to reduce heavy goal.

Can restrain human body to eat sweetmeat and fat alimental desire not only, still can prevent a cold, consolidate eyesight.

Carrot has a way not only a lot of, and operation of method of avery kind of rises special convenient, accord with the requirement of MM absolutely.

3 kinds of carrot have a way

1 water boils carrot

Material: 1, 2 carrot


1, carrot abluent, section.

2, enter two bowls of water in boiler, put carrot next piece boil carrot with medium baking temperature piece till molten.

Thin body has a way: Every morning hollow drink carrot together even boiling water go down, lunch and dinner as usual eat. If want to continue to reduce weight, alternately the week is taken again, will surely achieve the goal that MM anticipates.

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