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Autumn skin beauty is white, 5 food eat come out

2017-09-07 17:27:02

Alleged one white block 100 ugly, the woman hopes her face is white fair and snow-white, if growing all sorts of full of stains or spots points, color of skin is sallow dark black, no matter you wear much more beautiful dress, do much more beautiful hair style, whole looks very won’t beautiful! So how do you know to seek the issue that the summer suntans? Follow below small make up look together.

Season of change garments according to the season, how to save the splash that summerly insolation gives?

Above all, not urgent.

Bask in the splash that go out, not be one day is formed, desalt or dispel also needs a course, also need the most quickly 28 days, a complete physiology is periodic. In this cycle, the skin as hormonal periodic secrete and finish splash loose, excrete, desalt, rehabilitate such process.

Next, sleep more!

Morpheus is sufficient, ability makes sure the skin is in enough repair process, otherwise, the skin wants place oneself morely to wait for an environment at sunshine, air conditioning, pollution in. Additional, enough sleep also is the body each organ is collective the process of rehabilitate, after all the one part that face is environment of body big function only.

Additional, in the process of the rehabilitate that bask in spot, do not be eager to skin tasting. After all, the memory that the skin is familiar with protect skin to taste generation and gets used to a process to need 21 days at least is periodic, change often protect skin to taste let the skin always be in angst condition, perhaps complement at a draught a variety of protecting skin is tasted also let the skin be in the condition that can’ts bear heavy burden, these go against the skin better repair.

What does spot of beautiful white dispel eat

Film of face of almond coffee albumen

Coffee pink two spoon, almond pink 4 spoon, egg, use the egg filter depart leaves albumen to reserve, almond mud and coffee pink, albumen even mix can. Get on the face film spread that has made in stain. Wash clean after ten minutes. Skin of embellish of this face film is divided knit, slack skin stretchs tight closely, desalt shading, let skin Bai Xi shines beautiful.

Lemonade adds vitaminic C

Will citric section is put into airtight container, join Wen Shui to make sunken lemon piece, cover good container, static after waiting for 5 minutes. Mix vitaminic C to take, can promote nephritic loop, can reduce the odds of shading, stain happening, have partial beauty’s white effect. Drinkable drink, it is no matter those who buy still is self-restrained, after suggesting iced is too cool drinkable, had better be use Wen Shui, warm stomach discharges poison again.

Assorted fruit raises colour a thick soup

Material: Apple, banana, pear, yangtao, amylaceous, white sugar (honey)

The method that make: above all fruits are cleaned clean, cut Ding Zhuang to reserve; Add right amount water in boiler next, water quantity should be enclothed on the fruit, pour all fruit man into water next, after opening big baked wheaten cake, turn into slow fire to continue to boil, wait for a fruit to be boiled after rotting, join right amount white sugar or honey, drench again the water of mix up is amylaceous, the agitate side Bian Lin; Burn boiler of of people of talent again can edible.

Effect: Clear heat is alexipharmic, weak spot beauty is white

Yam medlar raises colour congee

Material: Rice, medlar, yam, honey (white sugar)

The method that make: Above all rice abluent left and right sides of a hour immerses in turning on the water, fish out drop does moisture to reserve; Yam flay cuts Cheng Xiaoding shape is stand-by; Medlar leaves with lukewarm bleb; Right amount cold water is added inside boiler, the rice that before using, gets ready, medlar, yam enters boiler inside, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn into small fire infusion; Boil after rotting can edible, honey or white sugar are joined to flavor when edible.

Effect: Raise Yan Bu blood, prevent fleck

Egg of medlar fermented glutinous rice

Cook 200 grams fermented glutinous rice first, next ordinal join agitate of 5 grams medlar, right amount rock candy, 50 grams even quail egg fluid, final conflagration is boiled can. Pass food to recuperate, also can decrease weak spot effectively, it is dispel stain even, these food are added in together hind, can promote nutrient component more absorb, the expression after female edible more moist is moving and the result that still achieved dispel spot.

Finally, still can combine massage means dispel spot, undertake in spot place with big toe abdomen circle turns drawing, exert oneself to do sth. gentleness alleviates, minutely 50-60 is encircled second, will local already diffusing pigment diffuses to wider range, be helpful for be being absorbed quickly.

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