Darling nutrition is due the world of cate of _ of food of 15 kinds of above

Darling nutrition is due food of 15 kinds of above

2012-02-07 13:41:22

Yo the expert says, add to little baby complementary feeding is not a simple work.

1 year old of little baby of the left and right sides digest a function to still be not perfected, enter spring since, a lot of parents give inquiry of this edition incoming letter how to give darling to add complementary the problem of health of the nutrition that feed ability, for this, the reporter interviewed Guangdong to save Chen Yunbin of dean of courtyard of health care of women and children. Introduce according to Dean Chen, add to little baby actually complementary feeding is not a job that looks so simple.

Food of 15 kinds of above makes sure nutrition is balanced

The food of diversification is the dietary foundation of human body health, and infant period the special period that establishs taste to suit to food of different and phyletic olfactory just about. Accordingly, expert of each country nutrition suggests, in this one period, should provide the food of 15 kinds of above to darling, can let darling absorb balanced nutrition already so, can be education darling again in the future healthy dietary habit lays next good foundations, prevent phenomenon of the partial eclipse after darling is grown, anorexia.

Accordingly, while good food is used to education darling, mom also should notice the nutrition of darling is tie-in, need to eat staple food, vegetable, meat to darling everyday (include a fish) , the fruit, in order to make sure darling nutrition is balanced.

Delicacy extracts fruit juice may not to suit darling

Introduce according to Dean Chen, fruit juice contains a lot ofvitamin C, can complement already moisture, can enhance immune power again, rich vitamin C still can help the absorption of iron, reduce anaemic happening, the proposal often gives baby drinkable. But what the parent needs to notice is: Suit darling without disinfecting the delicacy of processing to extract fruit juice may not, especially the darling with lunar lesser age, edible may cause diarrhoea without alexipharmic food. Because this suggests,the parent chooses professional manufacturer science to darling recipe, to product of darling appropriative juice.

Add complementary feed have tricks of the trade

“Some darling to what add complementary feed have defy psychology, add to darling actually complementary feed still have a lot of small tricks of the trade ” , dean Chen says, the first time try some to plant complementary the parent when feeding taste should have patience, try new food to want to hold to 10 ~ 15 times; Pleasant have dinner atmosphere can be promotional the appetite of darling, should feed when choice darling is pleasurable feed, the dish type that renovates at the same time, colourful darling tableware also can promotional its eat interest.

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