Confinement abstain from eating meal actually also the world of cate of can nourishing _

Confinement abstain from eating meal actually also can nourishing

2015-07-28 15:22:25

Guide language: Must carnivorous kind does nourishing action reach since ability? To postpartum mammy, absorb too much carnivorous bad instead, so postpartum food slants element also is a right choice. Small make up recommend a few maigre recipe to puerperas.

Traditional idea thinks all along postpartum should eat the nourishing food such as cruelly oppress more, ability helps new mammy healthy milk is sufficient. The mammy that this kind of notion eats the meat to loving people for it is really too make a heart. Actually, confinement in childbirth is differ want big fish big meat surely, eat the meat occasionally overmuch, can bring bad influence to mammy instead. Do you know? Confined abstain from eating meal, not only OK and nourishing fitness, still can prevent mammy postpartum and fat oh!

Confined abstain from eating meal stresses principle of 4 filling bodies

Principle one: Strengthen protein to absorb, include animal protein and vegetable protein among them.

After this kind of food is digested by human body, can become the amino acid of young member, can make postpartum cut fast cicatrization. Additional, amino acid still can stimulate cerebral part secrete to give the chemical substance of hearten of a few mood letting a person, eat protein more in confinement so, still can reduce the happening of postpartum melancholia effectively.

Those who contain a lot ofprotein is maigre: Legume, black agaric, Xianggu mushroom, on the west orchid, laver, oaten, buckwheat.

Principle 2: Strengthen vitamin B absorb.

Vitamin B group the energy that can promote the body metabolizes, still have a help to heighten neurological action and the effect that enhance haemal circulation, restore to have very big profit to postpartum organ function.

Those who contain a lot ofvitamin B is maigre: Legume, unpolished rice, tomato, orange, banana, grape, pear, walnut.

Principle 3: Right amount absorb fiber to pledge, of stimulative defecate smooth.

Postpartum because lack motion, often cause defecate difficulty, it is very important that so fiber absorbs to new mammy character character. Discharging poisonous aperient respect, without what comparing vegetable fruit is more natural and effective.

Those who contain a lot offiber to pledge is maigre: Dish of apple, carrot, celery, brake, cauliflower, spinach, pumpkin, Chinese cabbage, cole.

Principle 4: Filling iron adds animal spirit.

The mammy in producing a course is exsanguine and overmuch, so must great filling iron, eat a few food that can enrich the blood more at the same time, the cheek that helps new mammy restores ruddy redness of skin. Food of respecting filling iron, besides the flesh kind outside food, very much vegetable fruit also contains rich iron.

Rich ferreous is maigre: Black agaric, sesame seed, oatmeal, soya bean, kelp.

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