Pregnant mammy and fetal darling most the world of food _ cate that love

Pregnant mammy and fetal darling most the food that like

2016-11-14 14:59:32

Bosom pregnancy allows mom to love those who abound to eat nutrition, have the food of advantage to fetal development, during be pregnant, also a lot of food can help pregnant mom solve slander already, nutrition is rich, and darling of deep still be impregnated likes, we look together below, fetal darling loves what food most!

1, almond: In pan a little stew, sweet fragile and contain a lot ofprotein

2, apricot works: Was full of vitamin A, bring healthy skin, eye and skeleton for you

3, yoghurt of bead of sweet fragile fruit + cornmeal: Contain a lot ofrich calcium qualitative, protein and cellulose

4, the small cookie that cornmeal makes: Carbohydrate is particular sweet smell, can complement energy

5, the fried dough twist that cornmeal makes coils: Delicate, with snacks eat a law to increase cellulose

6, half banana coils whole wheat bread: Potassium adds protein to be equal to the super snacks of a nutrition

7, completely ripe white coddle: What can obtain at any time is protein

8, yangtao: Perfect vitamin C origin

9, grape and tomato: Installing the small bomb of vitamin C

10, fresh cherry: Sweet gift, contain vitamin C

11, blue perhaps berry does La Mei: Have delicate vitamin C while, yield your times feeling surprise

12, mango piece: Rich vitamin A, the cell that conduces to fetal darling grows

13, muskmelon piece deserve to go up lime: A of rich prosperity vitamin and C give you sober sense

14, cabbage coils: Vitamin A and C are super much food, be a vegan love most

15, ” vegetable soya bean ” or ” sweet beans ” : Saline edible is scattered after thoroughlying cook refrigeration, contain A of protein, vitamin, iron and calcium

16, celery club dips in in entering yoghurt: With a kind goluptious method samples this kind grows long brunet greenery

17, vegetable sop: In obtain delicate while included all sorts of vegetables and fruits

18, cake of low adipose pumpkin: Goluptious food contains a vitamin to reach mineral

19, vegetables and fruits includes turkey piece: Fragile low protein was contained a lot ofin clear sense

20, the goluptious egg roll that coarse food grain makes: Add a syrup of a black to be able to complement iron

21, the potato that bake asperses on pure yoghurt: Potato skin contains rich iron

22, bake those who come out is sweet potato chips: One kind more healthy than common potato chips, more nutrient choice

23, apple piece match cheese piece: It is draft fruit not only, and it is the very good route that acquires cellulose and calcium

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