Abstain appetite of darling of condiments of go with rice to open _ cate the world greatly

Abstain appetite of darling of condiments of go with rice is big

2017-03-31 10:37:51

The character of fleshy sauce and taste are OK according to darling him circumstance of each phase is adjusted; The collocation that feed capable person also is met richer diversification, nutrition is more balanced. Use steaky pork and Xianggu mushroom collocation today, the result of filling iron, filling calcium is very strong, taste is good to can make darling instant appetite big leave!

Sauce of meat of Xianggu mushroom flavour

Referenced age:

The darling of 18 months above

Feed material preparation:

Onion 30 grams, steaky pork 200 grams, the Xianggu mushroom after bubble is sent is right amount, soy, chopped green onion is right amount, corn is amylaceous 5 grams


Step1. Xianggu mushroom immerses sufficient hind go the base of a fruit, cut broken end again.

Step2. Take a few onion, mincing place aside stand-by; Steaky pork flay, cut small, place aside stand-by.

Step3. Pork is put complementary feed in machine, do not add water agitate.

Step4. Agitate adds right amount water into slimy hind, agitate comes loose a bit, when lest break up into boiler,be being fried, agglomerate.

Step5. Boiler opens medium baking temperature since, need not be cheered.

Step6. The meat is added after hot pot rotten, break up fry even, fry a grease, about 3 minutes or so.

Step7. Fleshy Mei Cheng goes out stand-by, onion and chopped green onion are joined inside boiler, break up fry a fragrance.

Step8. Rejoin Xianggu mushroom breaks and fleshy foam, break up fry even hind join darling soy, fry the water that full amount adds after divide evenly 2 times, small fire is boiled to feed capable person soft sodden.

Step9. When been boil quickly, with 5 grams starch is mixed 50 milliliter clear water mixes, mix is even.

Step10. Fall into boiler, turn conflagration is boiled to receive dry moisture.

Step11. Fleshy sauce can use the noodles served with soy sauce, face that boil, mix meal, mix congee is very pretty good.

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