Unfavorable the world of cate of _ of 3 kinds of people that takes garlic

Unfavorable 3 kinds of people that have garlic

2012-02-07 12:43:37

Be vigilant! Unfavorable 3 kinds of people that have garlic

Introductive: Garlic is had combat the effect such as bacterium, antiphlogistic, be good at stomach, detoxify, not be everybody suits to eat garlic however, what person is unfavorable eat garlic? 3 kinds of people had better not eat garlic under.

Unfavorable 3 kinds of people that have garlic

Unfavorable the crowd that takes garlic is as follows:

Eye ill patient: Garlic of long-term abundantly edible is met ” eye of the caustic that hurt liver ” . Modern medicine considers to discover, the eye ill patient such as glaucoma, cataract, conjunctivitis, sty, xerophthalmia is like garlic of long-term abundantly edible, conference occurrence vision drops, tinnitus, dazed head goes up, memory drops wait for a symptom. Accordingly, eye ill patient should eat garlic less.

Unfavorable 3 kinds of people that have garlic

Be not patient of bacterial sex diarrhoea: It is OK to eat garlic raw precaution and diarrhoea of remedial bacterium sex, when the diarrhoea of dispute bacterium sex that should suffer from nevertheless, unfavorable second birth eats garlic. If this kind of patient eats garlic raw to be able to spur alvine talk, make alvine mucous membrane produces hyperaemia and oedema, accentuate thereby illness. In addition, garlic had better not eat during taking drug.

Unfavorable 3 kinds of people that have garlic

Hepatitis patient: A lot of people think to eat garlic to be able to prevent hepatitis, even somebody is in after contracting hepatitis still abundantly eats garlic, this kind of practice is wrong. Above all, garlic can not kill hepatitis virus; Next, the certain part in garlic can stimulate bowel of human body stomach to, restrain digestive juice to secrete, the symptom that can make hepatitis patient disgusting, abdominal distension is aggravating. Additional, the volatile composition in garlic can make the amount of the red blood cell in person blood and haemoglobin decreases, this goes against the rehabilitation of hepatitis patient.

Small stick person: After garlic heats, the certain active ingredient in garlic element can be destroyed, reason garlic is eaten raw than ripe had eaten.

Path of bowel of filling excessive of beneficial unripe bacterium is terrible also! _ cate the world

Path of bowel of filling excessive of beneficial unripe bacterium is terrible also!

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Path of bowel of filling excessive of beneficial unripe bacterium is terrible also!

Nowadays, the Lin Lin on market always product of total beneficial unripe bacterium, lactobacillus makes a person dazzling. People originates mostly to their understanding ad saying — ” optimize alvine path environment ” ” enhance power of human body immunity ” … then, those appetite not the person with beautiful or abnormal defecate has to these product favour add, especially a few mom, hate cannot let the child one day drink on several bottles. Enjoying these products while, very few somebody has thought, whether beneficial unripe bacterium is true ” beneficial is unripe ” , eat much whether beneficial unripe bacterium is opposite again human body is harmless.

Mention beneficial gives birth to bacterium, many people think it is ” exotic ” , be after having yoghurt ability some, actually otherwise. Want the vivid fungus with the good health that is pair of host only, all can call beneficial unripe bacterium, the lactic acid bacili inside human body, double branch bacili all list here. In fact, the bowel of human body is existing to make an appointment with million in the path the bacterium of 100 million, among them already beneficial bacterium also has harmful bacterium, such ability maintain the small ecological balance inside human body.

Path of bowel of filling excessive of beneficial unripe bacterium is terrible also!

What a lot of people think the beneficial such as edible yoghurt arrives since unripe bacterium food is eupeptic action, but the immune force that actually one respecting beneficial lays bacterium to be able to mention human body, is this why? Tan Guijun of vice director of division of nutrition of hospital of the first center explains Tianjin city, already had research proof, alvine path is peptic not only, it is the immune system with the oldest human body more, accordingly, improved the digestive function of gastric bowel, enhanced airframe immunity power namely. Consider not less to confirm, the healthy state that bowel and the metabolization such as fat, hypertensive, tall blood sugar ask for integratedly come on relative. That is to say, path letting bowel is more healthy, can make human body more healthy.

Look so, is food of edible beneficial unripe bacterium certain and good? Tan Guijun points out, should the problem of unripe bacterium of beneficial of complement of look upon of ground of one divides into two. The action of beneficial unripe bacterium generalizes always rise have the following: Improvement is dyspeptic, improve constipation, prevent diarrhoea, precautionary gastric ulcer reachs production B a group of things with common features the vitamin. So, the person that has digestive problem (if be put in constipation or chronic diarrhoea, dyspeptic person) edible some the provision that contains beneficial to give birth to bacterium, through this kind of mild kind additional benefit gives birth to bacterium, to alleviating the symptom is helpful. At present already the experiment proves, absorb individual plant of acting cropland of bacili of caseous lactic acid everyday (a kind of typical profit gives birth to bacterium) effect of dysenteric to reducing cheeper acute incidence of a disease is distinct. What need points out is, often use the person of antibiotic, also should complement appropriately beneficial gives birth to bacterium, the alvine way that because antibiotic abuses place to cause,can reduce is good bacterium reductive circumstance.

But, the bacterium inside body group the person of the balance is beardless have the aid of is too much ” outside force ” . Because the alvine path of human body is a can natural generation of beneficial bacterium ferment factory, need to absorb the nutrient material of certain amount only everyday, digest through alvine path, decompose and ferment, can produce many beneficial bacterium group, this also is the physiology function with alvine inherent path. Excessive complement beneficial gives birth to bacterium, can cause the microbial environment unbalance inside body. In the meantime, after the person edible beneficial that is not circumstance of all existence diarrhoea gives birth to bacterium food effective, because bowel,beneficial unripe bacterium is opposite only alvine path bacterium group maladjusted diarrhoea is effective.

Tan Guijun reminds, beneficial unripe bacterium is active blame pathogenic bacteria, human body hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and bile must pass after edible ” test ” , only living arrive at bowel to and keep active as before, ability is right human body ” beneficial is unripe ” . So, before choice beneficial gives birth to bacterium food, the script that should read food carefully explains, if see can normal temperature is saved, time is saved below this condition especially longer, had better not buy. The suiting that gives birth to bacterium because of beneficial lives temperature is inferior, microtherm refrigerates ground of environmental ability utmost to maintain its active.

Eye comes round to say, the understanding that studies unripe to beneficial bacterium scientificly still lies more finite phase, because this is right everyday recommend intake to still do not have authoritative standard. As to edible method, the provision that contains beneficial to give birth to bacterium suits cold storage, and should not be before edible heat, once heat, viable bacteria can die. More scientific way is the beneficial such as a yoghurt unripe bacterium food is taken from freezer after be being put to normal temperature, eat again, especially the crowd with the younger function of intestines and stomach such as old person and children, not cool move eats. In the meantime, this kind of food is unfavorable and hollow edible, had better regard as add meat, such ability develop his better ” beneficial is unripe ” action. Zhang Zhao of our newspaper reporter

Newlywed is unfavorable drink ” coke ” _ cate the world

Newlywed is unfavorable drink ” coke “

2012-02-07 11:53:43

The experts of college of medicine of university of American haing Buddha are different to 3 kinds when sell on market the Coke Cola beverage of the recipe, make antipersonnel conclude after the experiment of spermatozoon: Newly-married man is drinkable coke beverage, spermatozoon can be killed and wound directly, affect reproductive ability of the man thereby. Once be united in wedlock with ovum,be like wounded spermatozoon, may bring about fetal deformation, or congenital inadequacy.

They also offerred advice to newly-married woman, offer a piece of advice they are little drink or not drink coke beverage is beautiful. Because the caffein of higher class status is contained in most coke beverage, the absorption that coffeine passes placenta very easily inside body enters fetal system inside, can endanger the organ such as fetal cerebra, heart, same meeting makes fetal cause deformation or congenital disease.

Accordingly, experts suggest, newlywed and the husband and wife that want the child, besides needing wine of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, coke beverage is unfavorable also and drinkable. Although the baby is born hind, the mother of infant and lactation also cannot drinkable coke beverage. Because the infant is drinkable hind, coffeine can damage its health; Coffeine also can be followed galactic and indirect the health that enters baby of the harm inside infantile body. To issue the health of generation, less in the past to people of this kind of our country contact understands not much beverage consequently, ought to discreet and drinkable, especially more such to the coke of the entrance beverage.

The world of cate of different nutrition _ of different fish

The different nutrition of different fish

2012-02-07 12:10:51

Crucian carp fish

Good energy of life be good at lienal, benefit water detumescence, clear hot detoxify, connect the function such as the breast below subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy. Ascites patient boils Shang Fu to feed in all with fish of bright crucian carp and bare red bean have curative effect. With fresh crucian carp fish and pig hoof are the same as cook over a slow fire, connect soup edible, can treat a puerpera to breed less. Crucian carp fish oil is helpful for cardiovascular function, still can reduce haemal viscosity,


Have be good at lienal detumescence of appetizing, diuresis, relieve a cough smooth asthma, install an embryo to connect the function such as breast, clear hot detoxify. Carp and wax gourd, very light blue boils Shang Fu to feed, treat nephritis oedema. Big carp leaves scale to go to what ripe cent of alvine miscellaneous cook over a slow fire takes, treat icteric. Soup of Bao of hoof of the carp that use work, pig takes food therapy pregnant woman to breed less. Carp and a few of end of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb boil Shang Fu to use, treat cough asthma.

Silver carp

Have the function such as skin of Wen Zhongyi gas, warm stomach, embellish, it is food of preserve one’s health of Wen Zhong filling gas.

Black carp

Filling gas raises a stomach, change wet benefit water, dispel the wind to divide irritated wait for a function. What its contain the microelement such as zincic Selenium to conduce to fight cancer.

Snakeheaded fish

Have fill lienal benefit water, go Yu gives birth to the function such as kidney of new, clear hot dispel the wind, filling liver. Red jujube of snakeheaded fish and ginger is boiled feed auxiliary to treating tuberculosis to have action. Snakeheaded fish and brown sugar are stewed take can treat nephritis. The puerpera feeds steamed snakeheaded fish to be able to urge breast to enrich the blood.


Blood of kidney of liver having grow, filling gas, clear stomach goes the function such as heat. It is the woman’s health food, have raise blood, bright eye, stimulate the menstrual flow, install embryo, benefit to produce, hemostatic, urge the function such as breast.

Grass carp

Have the smooth liver dispel the wind function in warming the stomach is mixed, it is food of preserve one’s health of Wen Zhong filling empty.


Have warm stomach, filling empty, lustre skin, dispel the wind, kill the function such as bug, filling the five internal organs, can use the auxiliary treatment of hepatitis of the ductility that make change, chronic hepatitis. Hepatitis patient uses what superstratum oil takes to feed after bright hairtail evaporate is ripe, long take ameliorable symptom.


Good energy of life raises the function such as bone of benefit of blood, soft muscle.

Ricefield eel

Enter liver lienal kidney 3 classics, have the function such as rheumatism of filling empty caustic, dispel, strong bones and muscles, also have certain adjustment to blood sugar action. Gas blood two empty person shredded meat of usable ricefield eel, the root of remembranous milk vetch (gauze is wrapped) add water to thoroughly cook flavor take feed. Children infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites is accumulated, form is thin feed little person usable ricefield eel, cut paragraph add a few of the membrane of a chicken’s gizzard to thoroughly cook edible. Prolapse of internal piles haemorrhage, uterus can boil ricefield eel feed,


Poison of sober up of evil of dehumidify of gas of the beneficial in filling, dispel, satisfy one’s thirst, dispel divides naevus, detumescence to protect the function of liver. Fierce anger of loach and garlic is thoroughlied cook can treat hidebound oedema. Loach is used panbroil to brown add water to boil Shang Ke to treat children night sweat. The loach bean curd that stew can treat damp and hot icteric. Huang Tong of loach and shrimp is boiled take, ke Zhiyang Wei is not lifted.

Eat bean curd to defend the world of cate of cardiovascular ill _ everyday

Eat bean curd to prevent cardiovascular disease everyday

2012-02-07 12:07:17

7EveryThe day assures to eat half bean curd at least, prevent cardiovascular disease effectively. ” this is science of food of Chinese agriculture college and nutrient engineering the viewpoint that Lilite teachs the courtyard to was elaborated when accepting a reporter to interview a few days ago.

The protein in soja not only content is high, and photograph of egg, milk can is like to rival with albumen of high grade animal on quality.

New assessment technique makes clear, soja albumen can be satisfied completely (2 years old of above) all sorts of human body is right needing the demand of amino acid. 1977, american scientist discovers soja albumen has the effect of the cholesterol content in reducing blood, a large number of clinical research make clear, want to absorb albumen of soja of 25 grams above at least only everyday, can reduce the cholesterol content in blood, prevent cardiovascular disease effectively. Accordingly, american food and medicaments management board were soja the food that has sanitarian function surely 1999, released ” soja albumen health care is tagged ” approve announcement. According to this announcement, if food of a soja is medium,be in the United States, want to contain the soja protein of 6.25 grams above only, can tag for ” cardiovascular health care is tasted ” . England also was announced 2003 with the United States the soja albumen health of almost identical content marks law.

Eat bean curd to prevent cardiovascular disease everyday

So, if according to everyday edible albumen of soja of 25 grams above, develop function of its health care to come thereby computative, each everyday should edible Where is how many bean products?

“Eat half bean curd at least everyday. ” Professor Li says: “The main nutrition of bean curd, soya-bean milk no less than milk, the protein of bean curd and calcic chroma are suckled high even at the ox, and the 10 ~ that the quantity that contain iron is milk 20 times above. Especially the calcium in bean curd and iron, have taller absorptivity, those who add soja albumen reduce calcium to excrete action, accordingly, soja food is the health food that has the function such as osteoporosis of filling calcium, precaution, mix compared with milk other filling calcium medicine, the price of bean curd and soya-bean milk is cheap however much. Additional, with eat the flesh and drink milk photograph to compare, the content of bean products cholesterol such as bean curd and soya-bean milk is almost 0. Accordingly, many dietetics homes call bean products cheap and fine optimal health food. Many dietetics homes call bean products cheap and fine optimal health food.. Many dietetics homes call bean products cheap and fine optimal health food… Cate ChinaCate China

In recent years the scientist returns discovery, soja albumen is had via can arising after enzymatic hydrolyze fight oxidation, fall blood pressure and the polypeptide that improve immune force function, soja polypeptide is had reduce the blood sugar, blood pressure, function that prevents arteriosclerosis. The soja of Chinese tradition ferments food, wait to contain the polypeptide of functional sex soja with very tall active like fabaceous Chi, fermented bean curd. In fact, epidemiology considers to make clear, as a result of Asian prandial in contain more soybean products, the incidence of a disease of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer wants than the United States and Western Europe person low much. For healthy, ask you everyday edible half above bean curd.

Hiemal food makes _ cate the world

Hiemal food is formed

2012-02-07 12:01:06

Winter, climate chill, yin Chengyang declines. Human body suffers the effect of cold air temperature, the physiology function of airframe and appetite all can produce change. Accordingly, adjust food reasonably, is sponsorial body indispensible of nutriment fill be contrary to  accumulate does Gou haw say where bald  ancients name for a water catltrop first does strange  of  of Sao of δ of A of  hare cook step on  ⑺ to sincere feeling copy of  of straight plaque of  of scabbard of  of  of broadleaf plant of  divinatory symbols?

Should assure the supply of heat energy above all. The chilly climate in the winter affects the internal system of human body, make secrete of divide into equal parts of the thyroid element of human body, adrenalin increases, be promoted thereby and quicken protein, adipose, carbohydrate of nutriment of 3 kinds of big heat source decompose, in order to increase the drive cold capacity of airframe, cause be lost of human body quantity of heat so overmuch, accordingly, the nutrition in the winter should be given priority to with increasing heat energy, can absorb more appropriately contain a lot ofcarbohydrate and adipose food. To old people, adipose intake cannot pass much, lest cause the other disease of old people, but should absorb enough protein, because protein catabolism increases, human body is easy appear negative nitrogen balance. Protein supply is measured in order to occupy total caloric 17 % of 15 ~ had better, furnishs protein should be given priority to with high grade protein, be like lean lean, egg, fish, breast kind, legume and its goods, what these food place contain is protein, facilitate human body is digested not only absorb, and contain a lot ofindispensible and amino acid, nutrient value is higher, can increase the cold-resistant of human body and disease-resistant capacity.

In the winter, be vegetable is off-season, vegetable amount already little, breed is drabber also, be in our country especially northward, this one phenomenon is more outstanding. Accordingly, often after a winter passes, human body occurrence vitamin is insufficient, if lack B of vitamin A, vitamin, lack vitamin C especially, bring about many old people to produce oral cavity ulcer accordingly, gum gall, haemorrhage, the symptom such as defecate constipate. Method of its prevention and cure, should expand above all feed a cause, winter greenery dish decreases relatively, can eat some of potato appropriately kind, wait like sweet potato, potato. They all contain a lot ofvitamin C, hearts sweet potato still contains more carotene. Eat potato more kind, can complement not only vitamin, still have the heat inside Qing Dynasty, go poisonous action of acute communicable diseases. In addition, in the highroad dish that appears on the market in winter, outside dividing Chinese cabbage, still should choose cabbage patch, bud of turnip of the beauty in the heart, Bai Luobo, carrot, soya bean, gram bud, cole. Content of the vitamin in these vegetable all richer. Often should exchange only breed, reasonable and tie-in, of the need of vitamin of OK still and compensatory human body.

Hiemal chill, the nutrition that still can affect human body metabolizes, make the wastage of all sorts of nutriment all has the addition of different level. Because old people digests the influence that absorb and the element metabolizes inside body, often the element such as easy lack Potassium, calcic, natrium, iron, estimate increase plus make water of winter human body, make afore-mentioned inorganic salt follow the quantity of uric fluid eduction, also more grow in quantity, accordingly, should give in time compensatory. Can eat more some contain the rich food such as calcic, iron, natrium, Potassium, wait like dried, dried small shrimps, sesame paste, pork liver, banana. If have sodium low person, when making food, taste slants a bit salty, can complement.

The Yu Man of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that the practice _ that suckles sweet Chinese flowering quince to stew snow clam suckles sweet Chinese flowering quince to stew snow clam how to do _ to suckle sweet Chinese flowering quince to stew snow clam carries on his shoulder or back [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Snow clam is called ” par bird’s nest ” , its hairdressing action places on a par with bird’s nest, because both contains the surface to lay chief factor and stimulative segmentation gene, can make the skin meticulous and beautiful, provide embellish lung to raise colour, treat the action that deficiency of yin with irritability coughs. Snow clam namely toad is oily (oil of toad of renown Ha Shi, forest frog is oily) , snow clam creams is by the female in ranid forest the oviduct of frog, classics collect and process is dry and into. Snow clam is had defer consenescence apparently, fall hematic fat, enhance airframe immunity power, fight the action such as exhaustion, it is the lady raises Yan Meirong, the man enhances tonic of natural and advanced nutrition. Its have Chinese pharmacopoeia account essence of filling kidney beneficial, raise the effect of shade embellish lung. In Li Shizhen ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account: Gan Xian of snow clam flavour, sex is gentle. The consumptive disease that provide solution is calorific benefit water, detumescence, filling empty, You Yi’s puerpera. In ” Chinese pharmacopoeia ” , ” big dictionary of Chinese traditional medicine ” , ” manual of Chinese herbal medicine ” ” Chinese medicine annals ” in waiting also account arrives: Lung of snow clam fat profit raises shade. Change essence of life to add pith, filling head beneficial wisdom, smooth liver raises a stomach, fight decline halt colour, beneficial of be good at head wisdom, defer consenescence, use at the body cough of feeble, postpartum deficiency of vital energy, consumption, endocrine is broken.


SweetPapaya1, Snow clam creams4 grams, Bright grandmaOr coconutDew0.5 cups, Rock candyRight amount, water


1. creams dry snow clam with roll leach 3 hours or one evening, go next soggy, reoccupy rolls Bao of water slow fire newly half hours. (Join silk of a few ginger or stew with fragrant citrus flesh and juice can go with Bao fishy smell) .

Hot water goes after 2. Bao is good, change cold water again, choose its impurity very easily so, sunspot. After choosing its impurity, wash clean thoroughly with clear water.

3. general rock candy and water dissolve of a Bao, put next wash white snow clam to cream slow fire Bao a hour, add bright milk. Or coconut is suckled (had better make with the container Bao of porcelain.

Xian of 4. Chinese flowering quince is clean and cortical, a 2/5 is cut to make a top in coping, gouge nucleus and flesh, papaya puts the handleless cup that stew inside, the snow clam with infuse good Bao creams, build, insert lid of solid Chinese flowering quince with toothpick, lie between water to stew one hour can.

Small hang

[how to differentiate clam of top grade snow to cream] the snow clam that sells in the market, two kinds of outfit having a case and bulk, no matter choose what kind of, it is the dry assortment that should pick treatment to pass certainly, select the product of normal manufacturer as far as possible, (because some people are met an other breed frog kind pretend to be forest frog, true toad oil is the lump content of size of drier big toe lid, color is yellow and brown depth differ, have stink of light raw meat or fish. Expand leading also is to differentiate snow clam – a of toad oil important level, good snow clam expands rate should achieve 20-30 the bulk of times changes. [how the snow clam of purify creams fishy smell] join a few Jiang Si or stew with fragrant citrus flesh and juice with Bao, can go fishy smell, next rejoin coco is shown or bright grandma is stewed. Clam must take the advantage of the snow after been do to eat hotly, cold not delicious and have fishy smell. [snow

The good Li You of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the hot beef of practice _ hemp of hemp hot beef does _ hemp hot beef [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Colour and lustre is ruddy, hemp piquancy is mellow.


Advocate makings: Beef, redPointed any of several hot spice plants, green paragraph, Jiang Pian, aniseed, Soy, cooking wine, refined salt, gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ashFace


(1) beef cuts strip, appear into boiled water float, go hematic water is stand-by;

(2) red pointed any of several hot spice plants is washed clean cut paragraph. The baked wheaten cake on clean boiler is hot, enter bottom oil, put aniseed, onion paragraph, Jiang Pian, blast of pointed any of several hot spice plants is put to give piquancy again after scamper gives sweet smell, the beef that puts waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall piece stir-fry before stewing is fried, join soy, after frying consummate color, boil enters cooking wine, add the water of certain amount, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, cast aside go float foam, join refined salt, stew about 2 hours with small fire.

(3) to the flesh crisp face of gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ash is joined to leave anger when rotting, wait for fill after air is cool dish can. Take the advantage of hot edible, gust Yi Jia.

The garden of chrysanthemum of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the fish of kylin of practice _ evaporate of evaporate kylin fish does fish of _ evaporate kylin [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Cruelly oppress is fresh and tender, flavour fragrant Qing Dynasty is mellow.


Advocate makings: Weever1 (750 grams) , complementary makings: WetXianggu mushroom30 grams, Ham, 25 grams, Plain boiled pork50 grams, The egg is clearA condiment / , condiment: Gourmet powder, refined salt, Carry on wine, PepperyPink, Sesame-seed oil, Amylaceous, Go up soup, Ripe lardyEach are right amount


(1) removes weever fleshy flay, piscine head opens two, piscine end continue to employ. Become piscine sliced meat ” Shuang Fei piece) (be together 2 pieces repeatedly) , plain boiled pork, ham, Xianggu mushroom each slice, join wine of egg Qing Dynasty, carry on, refined salt, gourmet powder, pepper to bloat be soiled a few minutes.

(2) general fish dish dish the bottom is wiped on thin lardy, it is clip of ham, Xianggu mushroom, plain boiled pork next among slices of fish meat, chase place into dish in, place head end next, put into steam box to use flourishing fire evaporate about 10 minutes to be taken out. the vessel below former juice, add soup, clear salt, gourmet powder, hit Gorgon euryale with amylaceous water, drench sesame-seed oil, lardy become namely.

Right ” elephant “ - Duan Zi net

Told a telephone call with hemp hemp last night, hemp hemp begins recite scriptures again, let me or takes an object to come home this year spend the New Year, or answers his home to spend the New Year with the object, consequence is otherwise conceited!
I think, does hemp following hemp say: ? Bay the Nie that knock badge makes fun of  formic meat and fish dishes to think of foliaceous  engrave to make Jing of  of arm barren Gorgon euryale smooth with a rake. ?